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Editors & Utilities

Here you can find a list of editors and utilities, neatly catagorised. Level editors are exactly what it sounds like, enabling the author to manipulate or create maps for Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen or even Strife. Most level editors come with their own nodesbuilder included, but you can find the most commonly used nodesbuilders here. Programs to hack into the executable, or to meddle with scripting are found in this section. Manipulating graphics, sounds and music can be done with these programs. Last but not least, you can find lots of post-editing utillities like reject map builders (which speed up a level by manipulating the way the engine handles monster checks), convertors and other files. Thanks goes out to the WolfenDoom guys for providing me with several 'lost' Macintosh utilities!

Level Editors

DCK 3.62 583 KB Ben Morris DOS Solid sector-based DOS editor for (Ultimate) Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen. Shareware. Updated configuration file for Boom can be downloaded here.
DCK 2.2-f 408 KB Ben Morris DOS Last available -freeware- DCK version, courtesy of Lee Killough. Recommended for use with Boom instead of the latest shareware version. Configuration files updated for use with Boom (grab the .DAT files from any other DCK version for regular Doom(2) support) and Lee's texture limit "fix" is included (DCKT.*, use with extreme caution).
Deep 8.84s Link 1162 KB Jack Vermeleun DOS Shareware (size-limited) DOS DPMI linedef-based editor for (Ultimate) Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen and Strife. Text file here.
DeePsea 12.15 Link 2600 KB Jack Vermeulen Windows Windows shareware (size-limited) editor for (Ultimate) Doom, (Final) Doom2, Heretic, Hexen, Strife and supports Boom, ZDoom, Slige and. Works with any Windows OS. Comes with built-in tools for creating/handling graphics, lumps and compiling / decompiling scripts. Uses Risen3D for 3D map preview and texture aligning.
Demon 1.02b Link 597 KB MacOS Level editor for Mac, never went beyond the beta stage.
DETH 4.24 350 KB Jim Flynn DOS DETH (DOOM Editor for Total Headcases) is a GCC rewrite of DEU 5.21, supporting (Ultimate) Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen and Strife, by Antony Burden. Updated by Jim Flynn for use with Boom. A version written for ZDoom can be found below. Uses Zennode as internal nodesbuilder. Changelog can be found here.
DEU 5.21 485 KB DOS Well-known but old DOS editor for any Doom.
DEU 5.3 release 1.1d 198 KB OS/2 OS/2 version of this editor for Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen.
DEU 5.9 16-bit 544 KB Windows Win3.x version of DEU v5.9.
DEU 5.9 32-bit 453 KB Windows DEU v5.9 for Win3.x + 32s patch, Win95 or WinNT.
DEU-GCC 5.21 527 KB DOS This is the DJGPP/GO32 version of DEU 5.21. '' includes binaries, drivers and source, but -not- docs, examples and such. This version makes use of all your available memory and not just the 640 K conventional memory.
DMapEdit 4.3 Link 963 KB Bruce Benko DOS DOS Editor for Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen and ZDoom. Comes with tutorials and its own internal nodesbuilder. Text file here.
Doom Builder 2 Link 15600 KB Pascal vd Heiden Windows Doom Builder is an advanced, revolutionary map editor for Doom and games based on the Doom engine, such as Heretic, Hexen and Strife. This editor is highly extensible for the different game engines of the Doom community.
Doom Builder 64 5000 KB Kaiser Windows This is a branch of Doom Builder 1.68 by Kaiser that makes editing for Doom 64 possible.
DoomCad 6.1 680 KB Windows Beta version of this Windows 3.11 Doom, Doom2 and Heretic editor.
Edmap 1.40 442 KB Jeff Rabenhorst DOS DOS sector-based editor for Doom, Doom2 and Heretic by Jeff Rabenhorst. Supports texture/sprite wads. Very powerfull, but uses only the 640 K conventional memory. Good interface. Easy to switch nodesbuilder by means of editing a batch file (default WARM).
Edmap 1.31 407 KB Jeff Rabenhorst DOS Previous version of DOS sector-based editor for Doom, Doom2 and Heretic by Jeff Rabenhorst, which appears to be more stable. Supports texture/sprite wads. Very powerfull, but uses only the 640 K conventional memory. Good interface. Easy to switch nodesbuilder by means of editing a batch file (default WARM).
Eureka 1.00 Link Andrew Apted Windows Eureka is a cross-platform map editor for the classic DOOM games. The supported operating systems are Linux (and other Unix-likes), Windows and MacOS X
GZDoom Builder Link 9600 KB MaxEd Windows GZDoom Builder is a in-development fork of Doom Builder 2, started in March 2012. The aim of this project is to support more features from modern-day Doom engines (namely, ZDoom, GZDoom and Zandronum) and add more editing tools to make map creation faster and simpler.
Hellmaker 1.1 925 KB Paul Davidson MacOS Mac-only editor, shareware, with $10 registration free. Not updated anymore.
Hellmaker 1.2b2 1022 KB Paul Davidson MacOS Latest beta of this Mac-only editor, shareware, with $10 registration free. Not updated anymore.
RHEU 1.2 125 KB DOS This is a DEU like editor that can be used to make Heretic levels and to convert Doom levels.
SLADE 2.0 beta1 Link 1150 KB sirjuddington Windows SLADE 2 is a portable map editor for Doom engine games. Also supports advanced features such as ACS.
WadAuthor 1.30 993 KB Windows Win3.X / Win9X / WinNT editor for Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen. Updated configuration file for use with Boom can be found here; for ZDoom here (13 Kb). Text file here.
WadC 1.1 Link 158 KB Wouter van Oortmerssen Windows A "Doom programming language for the construction of Doom WADs". One of the weirdest level editors out there ;) Construct levels by writing code. You will also need Java 1.1 or better.
WADED 1.83 183 KB DOS DOS editor for Doom, Doom2 and Heretic.
Yadex 1.5.2 Link 472 KB Andre Majorel Linux/Unix GPL'ed generic level editor for Unix systems running X. Based on DEU.
ZETH 4.17 356 KB Randy Heit DOS Version of Deth written specifically for use with the source port ZDoom, by Randy Heit. For documentation refer to the Deth archive.

Node Builders

BSP 2.3x 170 KB Lee Killough DOS "Simply the best!" The most powerfull nodesbuilder around, by Colin Reed / Lee Killough. Includes source. Text file here.
BSP 3.0 148 KB Lee Killough DOS Last version of BSP by Lee Killough, 'unofficial release'. This version is supposed to fix slime trails that were occurring previously. Source included. Text file here.
BSP 5.2 Link 236 KB Colin Phipps Windows Update to v3.0. Improvements include big endian and better Unix support, cleaned-up code, 'vastly more' memory-efficient when working on large multi-level WADs, and native to Win32.
BSP 1.2 72 KB Linux/Unix BSP v1.2 compiled for Linux. Text file here.
BSP 1.2 43 KB OS/2 BSP v1.2 ported to OS/2. Text file here.
BSPComp 1.0 130 KB DOS Nodesbuilder for Doom, Doom2 and Heretic. Text file here.
glBSP 2.24 Link 323 KB Andrew Apted Windows Win32 version of Andrew Apted's modification of BSP v2.3, specifically designed to use with OpenGL Doom ports. It "adheres to the GL_Friendly Nodes specification, which means it adds some new special nodes to a WAD file that makes it very easy (and fast!) for an OpenGL Doom engine to compute the polygons needed for drawing the levels". Of course, only works for source ports that support this format. Documentation included.
glBSP 2.00 Link 56 KB Andrew Apted DOS DOS version of Andrew Apted's modification of BSP v2.3, specifically designed to use with OpenGL Doom ports. Documentation included.
glBSP 2.24 Link 237 KB Andrew Apted Linux/Unix Linux version of Andrew Apted's modification of BSP v2.3, specifically designed to use with OpenGL Doom ports. Documentation included.
IDBSP 1.0 193 KB Ross Bossbach DOS Ancient port of id's own nodesbuilder. Does not support most special effects.
MacBSP 1.0 70 KB MacOS Mac nodesbuilder for Doom, based on BSP.
machexbsp 1.0 92 KB MacOS Mac nodesbuilder for Hexen, based on BSP.
WARM 1.6 231 KB Robert Fenske DOS Multiple platform nodesbuilder for Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen. Text file here.
ZDBSP 1.17 Link 134 KB Randy Heit DOS Standalone version of ZDoom's internal node builder. Supports polyobjects, GL nodes and UDMF.
Zennode 1.2.1 Link 632 KB Marc Rousseau DOS Multiple platform -fast- nodesbuilder for Doom, Doom 2, Heretic and Hexen.

EXE Editors and Scripting Utilities

ACC 1.15 46 KB DOS ACC v1.15 (which you need to compile Hexen / ZDoom scripts), using the original source (113 Kb) as codebase. See "ZDoom" source port. Source code of ACC v1.16 is available here (34 Kb).
DEACC 1.1x 65 KB DOS DEACC tries to decompile hexen scripts into ACS files. It can read both raw behavior lump files (ACC output) and behavior lumps from a wad file. DOS and OS/2 version.
DeHackEd 3.1 111 KB Greg Lewis DOS The only EXE editor you'll ever need. Works with (Ultimate) Doom, Doom2 and Final Doom from v1.666 and up.
DeMacked 2.5 45 KB MacOS Additional exe hacker for the Mac, requires Doominator (see below) to run.
Descript 1.4 28 KB DOS Descript is a fully fledged and user-friendly HEXEN script decompiler, that generates highly readable source code from any compiled script. This may take the form of a self contained object file, or the BEHAVIOR resource in a main or patch WAD file.
Doominator 2.0 59 KB Paul Davidson MacOS Mac equivalent of Dehacked, but does not change the miscellaneous, sounds, text, sprite names and cheat codes classes.
Heretic Hack Editor 1.1 59 KB DOS DeHackEd-like editor for Heretic. This works only for Heretic versions -below- v1.3 (so, v1.0; v1.1 and v1.2).
Hexen BEHAVIOR De-compiler 0.5 122 KB DOS This version simply dumps the contents of the BEHAVIOR structure in a format that is fairly close to the original ACS script source code. With some manual editing, it can be recompiled and put into your .WAD file.
Hexen Hack Editor 0.53p 75 KB DOS DeHackEd-like editor for Hexen, beta (never completed)..
WhackEd2 0.60.214 Link 2340 KB Dennis Meuwissen Windows WhackEd2 allows you to change the behaviour of the Doom engine and most of it's source ports that support so-called 'DeHackEd patches'. Changes to things like monster speed, sound associations and weapon behaviour are all perfectly possible.

Graphics, Sounds and Music WAD Editors

Deimos 0.41b 64 KB MacOS Mac utility for pasting your graphics and sounds into wads.
Deutex / Deusf 3.6 148 KB Olivier Montanuy DOS Powerful but primitive batch-based editor for graphics, sounds and music WAD editing.
Deutex / Deusf 4.4.0 Link 301 KB Andre Majorel DOS Updated version of Deutex.
Deutex / Deusf 3.6 108 KB Linux/Unix Linux version of Deutex / Deusf.
ENDOOMER 40 KB DOS ENDOOM screen editor.
Inkworks 223 KB DOS Nifty utility to change the COLORMAP / PALETTE entry for any WAD file, creating things like eg. fog effects.
NWT 1.3 75 KB Windows DOS graphics, sounds and music WAD editor for Doom, Doom2 and Heretic. Powerful, with Windows interface. Turbo C compiler can be found here.
NWT Pro 158 KB Windows Never completed beta of the 'next' NWT, supports any WAD file (including Strife) but no sounds / music WAD editing.
Omgifol 0.2 Link 35 KB Fredrik Johansson Windows A Python library for WAD files which supports basic lump management, editing special lumps, saving/loading most common image formats, and editing maps.
Slade 3.1.0 Beta 4 Link 13141 KB sirjuddington Windows SLADE3 is a modern, portable lump editor for id software's Doom series of games. Map editing functionality is currently in development and may be missing features.
SLumpEd 0.7 1500 KB SlayeR Windows All the basic features you'd expect of a wad lump manager (create/open/save, cut/copy/paste, change lump order, import/export, etc), userfriendly interface (MDI), zip/pk3 support including directory manipulation and text editor with syntax hilighting/autocomplete.
TED 1.2 14 KB DOS ENDOOM screen editor.
Wad Builder 1.0 932 KB Michael Mancuso MacOS For the Mac only. It can decompile a wad file into a folder with a file for each lump and a file to keep track of the lump order, and it can take one of these folders and turn it into a functional wad again. While it doesn't have support for editing graphics and sounds, it's a basic solution that should allow you to put DeHackEd patches and FraggleScripts into your wads.
WAD Mangle 2.0 Link 869 KB Ian Cowburn Windows Open source WAD file editor for Windows. Has the standard features and easy textures/pnames editing. Requires the .NET Framework.
Wintex 4.3 280 KB Windows Win95 version of Deutex, supports (Ultimate) Doom, (Final) Doom2, Heretic, Hexen and Strife. Powerful.
WWKSuite 47 KB MacOS A collection of small Mac utilities including WAD Compositor, Sound Extractor, and WAV to WAD.
XWE 1.16 Link 682 KB Csabo Windows The eXtendable Wad Editor is a lump, texture and script editor (among other things), and supports many other FPS games.

Reject Map Builders

Reject 1.1 55 KB DOS Reject map builder for Doom and Doom2.
RMB 3.0 169 KB Jens Hykkelbjerg DOS Reject map builder for Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen. Special effects possible as well. Recommended.


DM2Conv 3.2 67 KB DOS Converts levels from Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom2 or Heretic to Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom2 or Heretic.
UDMFConvert Brendon Duncan Windows Converts maps in a WAD file to UDMF format.
Wad2UDMF z34chris Windows Converts maps in a WAD file to a UDMF format.
WADenizer 40 KB MacOS Converts PC WADs to Mac compatible WADs.


Boom Animation Manager 1.0 14 KB Esa Repo Windows Simple notepad-like Windows tool for editing Boom animation defs and saving them as .lmp file.
Boom Editing Utilities 495 KB DOS This archive contains several utilities and documents from TeamTNT that allow you to insert Boom features into your level while still using your old regular editor. See "Boom" source port.
DCC 3.1 97 KB Rand Phares DOS This Doom2 / Boom Consistency Checker checks a wad for errors that might cause the engine to bomb out. Output is written to the screen unless redirected. Originally designed for internal use by TeamTNT.
DCCW 2.02 250 KB Windows DCC for Win95. See notes for the DOS version.
DeCorEd v0.01 Link 238 KB Samuel Horwitz Windows Editor for ZDoom DECORATE scripts. Simply put together monsters, pickups, decorations and projectiles through a userfriendly interface. This is a work in progress.
DKS 0.50 8 KB DOS A TSR that lets you do 180-degree turns with the flip of a key. Requires use of a DOS 'mouse.sys' and in Doom 'keyboard+mouse' enabled. Author unknown.
DMPSMU 2.6 198 KB Frans P. de Vries DOS Generates post-script maps of (Ultimate) Doom, Doom2 and Heretic levels. Created for DOS and Unix (source code included). Text file here.
DMS 0.15 7 KB Lincoln Yeoh DOS The Doom Mouse Spinner is a TSR that lets you do 180-degree turns with one click. Has keyboard support and toggle key to disable forward/backward mouse movement. Requires use of a DOS 'mouse.sys' and in Doom 'keyboard+mouse' enabled. Tested with Logitech and MS mice.
Doom Legacy Editing Specs 219 KB DOS Specs and resources for the Win32/DOS/Linux source port "Doom Legacy".
Doom Replay Editor 2.0 804 KB Adrian Danis Windows A utility which greatly simplifies the process of creating a built demo for Doom, allowing players to specify commands for each tic while instantly seeing the results in a separate PrBoom window.
DoomWord 1.3 1724 KB Aap Windows Utility to create bitmaps with text in Doom font. Allows you to choose from 2 different fonts: Large grey text (usually level names) and small red message text.
dshrink 55 KB DOS Utility to "remove redundant sidedefs" from a level, which should decrease its size and increase gaming speed. Levels that are compressed this way -cannot- be read by a level editor anymore. Undo the changes with ushrink (100 Kb). Use with extreme care. Kudos to Ricrob's Place.
EDGE Editing Stuff 452 KB DOS This archive contains several DOS/Win utilities and editing tutorials for the source port EDGE.
emu387 15 KB DOS Floating points math coprocessor emulation program.
OBLIGE 0.97 Link 609 KB Andrew Apted Windows OBLIGE is a random level maker for Doom, Doom 2, FreeDoom, Heretic and Hexen. It has an easy to use interface, built-in nodebuilder and LUA scripting for customization. Also capable of generating deathmatch levels. Linux version also available.
PowerGlove driver 20 KB DOS With this driver you can use the Mattel PowerGlove with Doom.
SLIGE 485 Link 126 KB Dave Chess Windows A Win32-based program which will automatically generate an original level or levels to play, complete with skill levels, monster and weapon placements, etc.
spkdoom Link 2775 KB DOS This utility will render 16bit sounds on the in-built speaker on a soundcardless machine.
Wad2PDF 1.7 Link 1019 KB Jussi Pakkanen Windows Converts the levels in Doom wad files into PDF files. The result has a bird's eye view of every level, with floors neatly texturized and all items in the level in their proper places.
WadPtr 2.3 Link 295 KB Simon Howard Windows WADPTR is a program designed to compress your WAD files. This can be a great help for you, as modem speeds mean that transferring a smaller file takes less time than transferring a larger file.
XWadtools 16/06/01 1552 KB Udo Munk Linux/Unix Originally designed for the Unix source port XDoom, this package contains the source (but -no- binaries) for a "WAD level compiler, graphic resources compiler, node builders, tools to extract and import raw data into WAD files, even a GUI based WAD editor (...) and much more" for any platform, and for Doom, Doom II, Heretic and Hexen. Some preleminary Strife support as well. Text file here.
ZDoom demo level 219 KB DOS Demo level showing off some of ZDoom's features.
ZDoom reference guide 72 KB DOS Zipped HTML reference guide of Zdoom features.
ZDoom utilities 19 KB DOS This archive contains zwadconv, swantbls, and listacs. Zwadconv converts old maps to the Hexen format used by ZDoom natively. Swantbl creates SWITCHES and ANIMATED lumps used by Boom. Listacs is an ACS script disassembler (not decompiler).