DoomGL is an OpenGL compatible port of Doom. It is based on the GLHeretic sources. It has many new features, including dynamic lighting, coronas, mouselook, high resolutions, and md2 3d models support.

Michael Ryssen (Kokak). Also creator of GLHeretic, GLHexen, and ZDoomGL.

DoomGL requires an OpenGL compatible video card. Most modern cards should work with DoomGL. It also requires a registered copy of either Doom, Doom 2, or Final Doom. Make sure your Doom2 version is 1.9.

Download DoomGL + Extras
DoomGL v1.0 Binaries - The DoomGL executable & data.

DoomGL v1.0 Full Install - Thanks to Mark (UK) for the installation program.

No-Sky hack - by Abbs.

Missing textures fix - For Doom2. By NTScroll.

Launcher & Configuration Utility - A setup and launcher utility for DoomGL/GLHeretic/GLHexen by Martin van der Plas.

More screenshots to come...