DETH is a DEU-GCC editor, based on DEU 5.21 by Raphaël Quinet and Brendon J. Wyber. The GCC DOS extender allows for editing of huge PWADs, limited only to your available Extended Memory (XMS). The interface and command lines remain the same as DEU - with the addition of Intelligent Texture Alignment, immediate texture/flat and sprite viewing, expanded error checking, an UNDO function, a plethora of hot-keys defined to make for quicker editing, and more! DETH has extremely fast video redraw rates, and a clean, uncluttered, and user-configurable interface.

DETH also has a texture and flat browser, texture caching, gamma correction, improved menu options, plus user-configurable texture themes. Pass your mouse over a sector or LineDef and the flat or texture is displayed in an elegant and non-obtrusive box in the lower right hand corner of your screen. This feature is extremely fast even on slow machines, and the display includes upper and lower textures. You can also change video modes while editing. Groovy! Click here to read about the latest changes.

DETH is FREEWARE: the way it should be.

Find out more about DETH features.
Directions for inserting compiled scripts using HETH.
Directions for setting up the DETH and HETH configuration and INI files.
Directions on setting the GO32 environment for DETH and HETH.
Complete history of changes documentation.

Having problems with your video display when using DETH? Click here for a possible solution.

LATEST! New video drivers are available for DETH to try to correct reported graphic problems.

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