NEW! Thanks to Jim Flynn for updating DETH to work with Windows 95.

Version 4.16b
The latest version of DETH is 4.16b, which includes the ability to edit HERETIC, HEXEN, and TnT's BOOM: download DETH416b.ZIP (369k).

Version 3.92
Download DETH392.ZIP (355k) for the pre-Windows 95 complete install version of DETH 3.92.
Download DETHUp.ZIP (355k) for the 3.92 .exe, .ini, video driver and font files only (does not include ZenNode or Descript).
Download the new video drivers for DETH. Don't erase your current ones. Simply unzip DETHDRV.ZIP into your current DETH/DRIVERS directory. (You only need this for versions 3.89 and lower.)
Source code for DETH 3.92 is available as Source.ZIP (120k) .

Miscellaneous DETH Utilities
The latest version of ZenNode is 0.98a: download Zen098a.ZIP (257k).
Download CONV2HEX.ZIP (37k). Converts DOOM and HERETIC levels to HEXEN! By Simply Silly Software.
EMU 387 (14k) Math Coprocessor Emulator.
Download Descript v1.4 (28k) by R.A. Coward, a terrific new HEXEN script decompiler.

Windows 95 DOOM Icons: this is my collection of terrific desktop icons for DOOM.