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Updated 03-16-97 (many broken links fixed).


This is a list of terrific PWADs by some friends of mine. These are not run of the mill levels: they're great levels (well, mine are so-so) that have been constructed with more-than-average care and attention to detail.

Some of the authors (Jim Flynn, Sverre Kvernmo, and myself, for instance) have had their levels published by id Software on The Master Levels CD. Others (such as Mal Blackwell, Alex Mayberry, and Eric Reuter) are doing other cool things in the gaming industry these days. And definitely check out Antony Burden's levels: not only is he the great programmer behind DETH, he's a great PWAD author as well, and his work is largely unknown outside of Compu$erve. I'm trying to remedy that, so have a look.

Be sure to download any of the levels by Myscha the Sled Dog. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

If you'd like your level here, send me some e-mail and I'll try to have a look at what you've got.


John W. Anderson (Dr Sleep)

Mal Blackwell

Antony J. Burden

T. Elliot Cannon (MYSCHA the Sled Dog)

Richard Carlson

Jim F. Flynn

Sverre Andre Kvernmo

Alex Mayberry

Daniel Norman

Eric C. Reuter


Sverre Andre Kvernmo

Michael E. Ryan


John W. Anderson (Dr Sleep)

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