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QDOOM version 1.00 project details download readme

QDOOM: Quake Done DOOM Style version 1.00! This is it!

All the glory of almost 3 years of work, and all the magic of the EDGE engine pushed to it's limits! Nothing more needs to be said. :) Requires EDGE 1.26 (see NOTE below).

If you don't have the MP3's, you can download them all in one huge seperate ZIP file here:
QDOOM_MP3.ZIP (20 MP3's, about 38 megs total)
Also grab the small patch that fixes an issue where no MP3 music would play:
QDOOM 1.00 Patch 1
NOTE: requires EDGE 1.26, it will not run with DOOM.EXE, DOOM2.EXE, or any other source port.
QDOOM Public Test project details download readme

The complete first episode of QDOOM: Quake Done DOOM Style.

You get to play through 4 maps with the axe, shotgun, super shotgun, and nailgun against Knights, Death Knights, and Wizards, fighting in incredible environments with real 3D floors, translucent colored 3D liquids, realistic lighting, special scripted events and onscreen messages, and of course Quake's textures used in new ways. There are also some hazards, like a spike shooter and lavaballs, environmental effects such as lighting with sound, torches, logs on fire, rain, and plenty of environment sounds.

NOTE: requires
EDGE 1.24, it will not run with DOOM.EXE, DOOM2.EXE, or any other source port.
QDOOM AVI project details download

A nifty little diddy, available in three sizes. The link above takes you to the choices.
320x200, 16bit/22k/stereo sound:
   -QDOOM_HIFI.ZIP -about 18 megs (23megs unzipped)

320x200, 8bit/11k/mono sound:
   -QDOOM_LOFI.ZIP -about 13 megs (18megs unzipped)

160x100 (very distorted), 8bit/11k/mono sound:
   -QDOOM_VERY_LOFI.ZIP -about 5 megs (6megs unzipped)
The AVI basically shows off some of the gameplay and features, also uses one of the original music tracks.
RUINS: an EDGE map project details download readme

Designed as a dark and moody single player map, exploiting the EDGE features like no one has ever seen. There is a real 3D elevator that you can ride up or down to the next floor, seriously amazing. You haven't even seen this even in the QDOOM Public Test!

You get to battle lots of non-human monsters with a good set of weapons -some well hid.

NOTE: requires
EDGE 1.24 or EDGE 1.25, it will not run with DOOM.EXE, DOOM2.EXE, or any other source port.
ROKS project details download readme

Fantastic DM action! You get some new weapons -flame thrower and napalm mine launcher. Plus, some faster shooting DOOM weapons -pistol and chaingun. There are some looping ambient sounds and it uses the Gothic texture set. It's a very detailed map, but big enough to handle up to 10 players.

ROKS comes with one huge map with plenty of styles to play in -the big outdoors, narrow dark corridors, and open bunkers. There's also new music for the intro, map01, and inter areas of the game, and some new sounds for weapons and players.
SKILL 1/2: ambient sounds, extra health and ammo
SKILL 3: extra health and ammo
SKILL 4/5: competition mode
NOTE: best if used with
DOOM Legacy. Should work fine with any other source port. It will not run with DOOM2.EXE.
NEW BREED project details download readme

Massive weapons, fast action, everything you ever wanted in a PC!

Keep in mind that New Breed was released on 8/25/97, just about when Quake was released to the world, yet it still holds it's own. New Breed even runs with vanilla DOOM2.EXE!

You get to toy with one of the originators of looping ambient sounds, even dripping water and torches with matching sounds, unique enhancements to monsters, some original creations that will blow you away, and the baddest weapons set ever seen in DOOM. You will feel like a new man after using the dual Apache chainguns!

There are 4 maps total, one long single player map (no exit, map is unfinished, but if you make it to the biosuit, you've completed it), and three killer deathmatch maps (just warp to map02), each of the DM maps have exits to the centered North side of the map. The DM maps have monsters of increasing difficulty on each skill level too, so you can pounce around a good bit solo.

NOTE: best if used with
DOOM Legacy. Should work fine with any other source port. And it will run with DOOM2.EXE (version 1.9)!