"Some TC's set out to recapture the nervous tension and atmosphere of Doom...
we want to improve it."

Always there is a crowd that stands before him. Each soul in turn advances toward that judgment; they speak and hear, then they are cast below.

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August 22, 2001 (11:29pm PST)
Right. It's been over a year since the last update. Cleanup of the pages is ongoing. If you were a member of the team beforehand, contact the new team leaders: Brian Goodsell and Matt Denham. Also, please contact us if you'd like to join up this time around. We're still in this for the long haul...
Oh, and I'd like to say that there will be no "projected release dates" until we're at least 90% done... and there's a lot more to do. We'd like to pick up at least three more coders, several mappers, sound/graphics people, and so on. Just e-mail us, giving your name, any previous experience on major projects (not needed, but recommended), and either a sample of work or a link to previous work. We should be resuming full-scale work within a month.

June 10, 2000 (2:34pm)
Okay, I still haven't heard back from quite a number of members regarding the e-mails from about a month ago. To give everyone the benefit of the doubt I can only assume there's something wrong with my outgoing e-mail. That being the case I need to hear back from Matt Denham, Covaro, Joe Acrylic, Pixel, Brian Goodsell, Nikklas Linnes, Kniggit, Mike Smeeton, Tobias Forsberg, Nigel Jeffery, Konky, and Mike Anderson ASAP. It is important that I know the current progress of your assignments.
A second texture wad is in the works and should be available by the end of the month. I'm reworking some of the sketches right this moment to include past renditions. And finally, just to let everyone know, I'm hoping for a release date of Halloween this year.

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