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Czechbox - Damned, Matthias, Sulphurit, Jaeden, Kloki38,...
Czech Community project with all 32 maps made by Czech or Slovak authors. The maps should be playable with pistol start and also in one run. It should be fully BooM compatible and jumping/crouching is not allowed since it ...
Twix - MArt1And00m3r11339
Twix is another candy-themed slaughter map. This time, you are surrounded by chaingunners and your mission is to grab a megasphere as quickly as possible before you get shredded. It has a cookie, caramel, and chocolate com...
SuXe - Bzzrak Ktazzz
This is a cute little map I did for joe-ilya's Going Nowhere Fast project, god bless its soul. It's Wild West-themed and is, to my knowledge, the only such map released in this century. It has a lot of design choices that ...
BaphometWorldMix - GhostPlayer
Singularity - GhostPlayer
EthernalNightmare - GhostPlayer
Tartarus - RonnieJamesDiner
A towering fortress draped in a blood red mist, Tartarus is a fairly quick journey with a good bite to it. Powered by OTEX, with a heavy emphasis on atmosphere, this is a simple key collector map centered around arenas and...
Ater Fieri - Nicolas Monti
Doom2 episode themed in doom E3 with a bits of E2 map09 is from 2012, map03 from 2017, map07 from 2020, the rest are early 2019.
The Mean Green - Chris Hansen
3 short to medium sized levels for Doom II. Not very difficult using mostly low tier monsters. But ultra violence do have a bit of punch, though! I hope to make more at some point where I can introduce the rest of Doom's b...
The Ruins' Awakening - Pierrot
The Ruins' Awakening is a set of 9 speedmaps I made for the Plutonia iwad, mostly featuring lost caves and ancient temples lying somewhere in the jungle. Let's say you're the sole survivor of an expedition to these dorma...
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