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Beware of Falling Angels - Albatross
This is a single map for Eternity Engine.
Undercourt - CapersOnSalad
Welcome to the Undercourt, a single deathmatch level with a gothic aesthetic and an even darker sense of humor. This map aims to balance the looping flow of deathmatch with the feel of the trap-heavy levels from DOOM II. T...
"Leakage" - Rubén Alonso
The impact of a demon-infested meteor has caused a dangerous leak in a UAC base. Inspect the site and escape alive!
El Foso - Alejandro Berges
An ancient pit is discovered somewhere in a lost facility. Your task is to investigate it.
OPal - DiR
OPal is a palette inspired by the compressed and depressed hues of Silent Hill's otherworld, but not nearly as dark. Instead of making certain colours more muted, I added different shades to certain colours to help them st...
Gate of Hell. - John Cartwright
I made this map a long time ago and found it on my old Yahoo site. This is a massive slaughter map that is not too hard but not too easy either. Good to use with mods.
Devil's Clean Up Detail - Artbor
One-level WAD for limit removing ports, preferably with UMAPINFO support (optional). A UAC underground sludge-processing facility has been overrun by demons, and they need you to clean the place up. As you dive deeper in...
Nitrogen - Jacek Nowak
It started as a speedmap for Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions 69. Then I decided to continue working on it and I expanded it and polished and it's not a speedmap anymore. It's still a small map though and should take around 1...
Fear of the Dark - Smeghammer
A vanilla format, limit removing experiment after all my Hexen format maps. Turned into a half-way decent arena type map. Has four segments with different themes for each; with a central final Hell-themed exit Area.
Tribute to the ancients - David [Kermesite] Perez
V1.1: The first release of my classic doom Megawad, under Episode3, covers E3M1, E3M2, E3M3, E3M4, and secret level E3M9. The project started in 1994 with MSDOS EDmap editor and continued almost 30 years later with most of...
Anti-Zuckerbergism (Stavi version) - Timothy Brown...
This one is a modified version of my original Anti-Zuckerbergism map. It features the gay pride avengers, and no, I am not a lizard. Play through is found at: https://youtu.be/GzKM5ILa2hk
Perfect Baked Muffin - russin (russin22)
Simple doom wad made in 2 days using only stock texture from doom
Strange Place - Fonpher
It is my first really good map. I made just one level before this one, which is good (in my opinion) but it not too good.
Existential Dread - Andrea Rovenski (cyberdemon531)
Existential Dread started out as a project for me to make Doom maps again. It has been about 5 years since I made anything, and I have played a lot in that time period for speedrun demos, and have been super impressed with...
Deadly Standards 4 - Various: See the text at the bottom for m...
A community made Episode 4 replacement for Ultimate Doom, sequel of the highly acclaimed and cacoward runner-up Deadly Standards episodic series. This time the classic stock assests theme got a rough deviation to more new ...
Amorphous Euphoria - Doom Universe Community
Amorphous Euphoria is a random, chaotic, and artsy Doom project with plenty to admire and varied challenges to overcome. Amorphous Euphoria is also Doom Universe's first original community project.
Demonfear MIDI Pack - P41R47
Here's another MIDI Pack project! Because I haven't done one ever but i like the ones out there. So, why not make a compilation of different track released by different authors for one of the most beloved megawads out ther...
Awkward Situation at a Subway Station - Ravendesk
People living in big cities will probably find this situation familiar - or at least that's what they fear the most. It is a rush hour, crowds everywhere, you finally left the subway train and just when you stepped on the ...
Sewer - Krankebok
This is the complete sewer map from D&D Eye of the Beholder wich is also a game that i like. Special for those who likes haunting mazy maps!
Capybara - Various (See in capybara_info.txt)
Capybara is a 22-level Boom-compatible (cl9)"speed slaughtermap" community project, consisting bizzare visual designs, unconventional combat designs and some challenging slaughtery gameplay. In this project everybody needs...
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