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Flotsam - Benjogami, bemused, Nirvana985, Scotty, Kille...
16 maps designed to be played from a pistol start for PrBoom+ complevel 9. Difficulties are implemented. I suggest you use them. This wad consists of maps we have all had lying around but were not too sure what to do w...
Ultimate Doom The Way id Did - Various
The Ultimate instalment in the TWiD series of WADs, comprising nine levels that were designed by a hand-picked team to both look and play as though they came from the minds of Romero, McGee, Green, Anderson and Willits. * ...
Kuchitsu 2 Growing Colour - Ilya Lazarev (Joe-Ilya)
An officially approved sequel to Kuchitsu. The theme is that each map gets more colour than the previous, and then MAP03 is in the original Kuchitsu spectrum of colours. You might think this is underwhelming sequel in term...
The Process - Use3d
Another level cut from my megawad. Made in 2001 from an even older drawing. I had to fix several broken sectors and remove oddities thanks to ancient tools of the time. Megawad assets have also been removed. Enjoy tripping...
Chaotic Grounds - Use3d
Another level cut from my megawad. Made in 1997 from a sketch, and updated around 2000. It's a clear Courtyard ripoff, which was one of my fav doom2 levels. I've taken out custom textures and tossed in a weapon at the begi...
Temple of Sin - Use3d
A Hell level cut from my megawad. I made this map in 1997, and it had a few updates as the resources changed. This was the first level of Hell, so it's pretty tough, but can make a go of it with pistol start.
Computer Station - Use3d
This map was cut during a rebuild of this level. It was originally made in 1997, and was the first encounter with the 'teleport booth' used in the megawad, hence the silliness. Mobs of monsters in a mostly flat space.
ADooMv1.1 - Adam F. Smith
A full episode replacement for Doom Episode 3
Forebode - Samuel Evander
Set in the mythic of Doom universe during the events of Doom 2. Demons have overtaken the earth and the Doomguy has yet to show up to save the day. In the meantime, humanity is fighting a desperate battle against the force...
Soulcage - Use3d
my oldest map, from december 1995
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