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Back to 1994 - Nicolas Monti
Doom1 episode trying to mimic the early days of doom mapping and modding with all of the cheesyness, amateurism and nostalgic feel.
GLOOM - King S P O O N
Before you ask, no this is not a TC of the Doom clone for the Amiga CD-32X. This is a one map WAD with a very Nukage/Toxic Waste theme to it, with Roman/Ancient Greek architecture and some industrial tech thrown in as well...
BigBoom: Throwable TNT NPC & Weapon Mod - Korbyn Salveson
This mod gives you throwable TNT. There is a 50/50 chance, for every rocket launcher on the map, it will be replaced with a box of TNT. It is on the same slot as the rocket launcher. When thrown, TNT will travel straght in...
E1M1 Multiverse (v2.4) - Various mappers
Revisiting the iconic E1M1 with a number of creative spinoffs
Doom 64 Tech Bible - Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal
This is the Tech Bible for Doom 64, covering technical aspects of Midway's Doom game for the Nintendo 64, as well as differences to the original Doom (II) engine and data formats.
Spawn: Descent of Canopus - David "Dave" Billing
REQUIRES AT LEAST GZDOOM V4.3.2! This is a follow-up to my previous hub WAD, Spawn. This WAD is set on a deep space research station called Canopus Station. Six maps, including one secret level. LIGHT SHADOWMAPS SHOULD...
OOPS: All TechBase - Various (see credits)
Voided - bachesag
A world where there is only black and white color other than you, your guns, and the demons. The visual style is inspired/taken from a game called Echochrome. Important note: I tried not to have many switches cause it mess...
Valun Pass - Brandon Crowther
A large GZDoom map set in a rainy canyon base at night. Average runtime on the forums is around 30 minutes, but can be ran in 15 UVMax'd. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/ofxvjQC UV Video: https://youtu.be/KQcAmghTbww
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