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MAZE OF DEATH - Ilya Lazarev (joe-ilya)
A 6-map episode imitating newbie design, to fuck with some lazy kid who offered 5$ for people to put functioning doors and lifts in his mapset that is also called MAZE OF DEATH that he hasn't even made yet. I decided to ma...
Crimson Nectar - JudgeDeadd
"The trees and grass in Hell are nourished by the blood of sinners. Why don't you make a contribution... " A 30-minute speedmap, originally created for the Doomworld thread by FanTazTiCxD (https://www.doomworld.com/forum/t...
Running Late 2 - A2Rob
16-ish Boom compatible levels. ZDoom based ports will have to level warp in order to access the secret levels, since Map14 sends you to the EndDoom screen. BOOM ports can access these maps regularly from Map15.
The Sheol Dagger - Kepehn Glyphaith
You're on a quest for the long forgotten "Dagger of Sheol". It is located in an old treasure cave wich can only be accessible through a hudge Vault found in a gothic castle deep below the Earth! So you moved to an appartme...
Beneath Hell - Endingghost
A remake of The Ultimate Doom's E4M1 that I made in about 6-8 hours
A Cacodemon's Butthole Probably Tastes Like K... - Philnemba
Inspired by Dragonfly's Team Rocket 2 Speedmapping marathon on 2/8/2020, Its basically a gimmick boss arena map using waves of Cacodemons and Nightmare Cacodemons with four Cyberdemons as bosses which are require to kill t...
Armorless Marine - Asking4Id
The story is simple. Doomguy The Third was eating chicken tenderloin when suddenly a powerful sigil transported him to space (luckily he is an expert in the martial arts).
Cocytus - Jeremy L. Wagner
NUTS: D'Sparil's Last Stand - kinker31
As the name implies, D'Sparil REALLY fuckin' hates you, and has gathered an utterly gargantuan fuckton of his forces and minions to take you down. And you will probably die. What did you even do to piss him off that bad, a...
NUTS: Chex 3 Edition - kinker31
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