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Another day at work - Sinned84
THE STORY SO FAR.... Another day at work....You thought that youve closed the portal to hell for good. But for some unkown reason a new portal has opened. There is only one person who has experience fighting this hell ...
My first wad - 3 terrible levels - icyfire4352
My first 3 DOOM maps. Not much, just experimenting. Criticism is greatly appreciated.
Perquisite Strata X - Various. Original levels by Williams En...
Funnelcake Apparitions - Doomer Boards Qrew
Circuses and carnivals in rural Texas.
Forgotten Reliquary - anfractu0us
Having no choice, you flung yourself into the malfunctioning teleporter as hordes were upon you. It was known that occasionally the leylines aligning the various long-distance teleporters would, for a fraction of a moment,...
Hundreds and Thousands - finnks13
5 (+1 bonus!) reality maps, with a theme of inexplicably technologically advanced ancient ruins. The maps are very short, and difficulty is fairly low, even on UV, so go nuts! Please make sure to play in a port that su...
Bad Dream - wxndxx
This is a boom-compatible map about 10-20 minutes long with a wide variety of combat situations. The difficulty levels are implemented, and I recommend sticking to the following table: I'm a regular player - HNTR I can U...
EVIL.wad - ChaseC7527
After you decided to do some "ghost hunting" on an abandoned mining town located off the coast of California you soon come to find that you got a lot more than you bargained for.
Red - Jack9955
You are storming a place where revisionists tend meet in, your mission is to kill them all! For Mao, Pol Pot and Gonzalo!
Cerebellar Dissection - dragzxnd(DoomWads)
I am glad to present you my first UAC style doom wad. Nothing special, fairly linear level. I hope you will enjoy
DOOM 2 music - true-to-original high quality ... - Pieces of 8-bit
This is the high quality remake of the complete DOOM 2 OST made by Pieces of 8-bit. Also available in the .ogg format on Nexusmods.com which can be used with the official rerelease of DOOM II: Hell on Earth.
DOOM music - true-to-original high quality re... - Pieces of 8-bit
This is the high quality remake of the complete DOOM OST made by Pieces of 8-bit. Also available in the .ogg format for the official rerelease of DOOM on Nexusmods.com.
Slime On Earth - Doomer Boards Qrew
A Chex Quest themed episode of 7 maps for Doom 2.
Christmas In Inferno - Doomer Boards Qrew
You play as santa and go to hell and back to deliver presents back to earth from the snowy frozen hell.
Japanese Valentines - Doomer Boards Qrew
7 maps. Kill the lust demons (only with dbp44nsfw.wad) to save humanity from sin and from forgetting how to love. Visit Japan, admire the architecture, learn kung fu, initiate cat fights, blast ninjas!
Blood Grave - Treehouseminis
3 maps based around green marble, and blood textures. Slaughter gameplay. BOOM format, comp level 9
dashlet's box of maps - dashlet
This its a compilation of five speedmaps w´╗┐ith challenging, niche and experimental stuff. You may find them fun, you may find them horrible. This runs on MBF21 for the sake of using player blocklines and instant kill flo...
Ghosts of Euno Muno - VBraveMany - Aka D'Craven_0ne
It's kinda blue and purple with a touch of green in places. But mostly blue. (Ps. Software rendering messes up the transparent windows, so keep that in mind.)
Imps on a Train - Sinnesloeschen
"I have had it with these motherloving Imps on this player-hating train!" A little self-contained pistol-start doomguy romp on a train. Recommended Setup: GZDoom with Dynamic Lighting turned ON Freelook recommended but not...
Woody's World Episode 2 v1.0m - Michael Woodall
An 8 level episode (levels 9-16). A varied set of maps, puzzles and challenges! Can you survivie the tricks and traps of "The Corridor"? A visit to "Woody's House?" A trip around "The Perimeter"? The puzzles of "Switch O R...
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