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AUGER;ZENITH - Doomer Boards Community
AUGER;ZENITH is a limit-removing project brought to you by us the Doomer Boards planet hackers. AUGER;ZENITH is also the ULTIMATE CYBERPUNK DOOM PROJECT. This MegaWAD features 21 maps of neon-soaked cyberpunk adventure gre...
HFFM - Cut - Various different users of /vr/
An 18 map collective mapset by /vr/, themed around hard fast *fun* maps. Created with assets collected from Realm667 and Doomworld's Afterglow, mapped in a 2 month period by many, many enterprising anons, organized as a co...
Cosmogenesis - NoReason
Small set of massive, high monster count slaughtermaps / one gigantic slaughtermap in slot 5
Corporate Nightmare - smeghammer
A large office building with translucent, 1 way mirror glass walls. Fight your way to the exit. Included a MAPINFO so there is a start menu option for this map.
It was just a normal day at the CJB tech base, people were getting work, the machine men were making sure that the power supply machine was working, the people in the caves trying to find 40 missing workers, and people set...
Angry Quilt - MidnightMage, Pistoolkip, VisionThing, Vaeros...
It started as a Doom Community Social Experiment. There are 16 squares, which can be selected by individual members of the community.
Brick Death Match 2 - Reviver
Baron of Hell-themed shrine where a battle and demonic ritual involving friend and foe alike transpired. Shells and bullets, along with corpses, populate this battle ground. Green, grey, silver, and brown colors co-ordin...
Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 55 - TheMionicDonu...
Nine maps made during the fifty-fifth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of 2 hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Held in two sessions twelve hours apart, each mapper...
Escalation Titan - Jeffrey Canam [GrahfMetal]
A Canadian U.A.C. base, CFB Titan, is being overrun by demonic forces and you must escape to the transporter on the other side of the large complex
Enigma of Sector Sigma - Albatross
5-map wad. Pistol starts are the intended experience, but continuous playthroughs are supported too.
Zone 400 - Paul Corfiatis (Pcorf)
A 32 level megawad of small maps for Doom 2. Your mission is simple. Blast you way through techbases, spaceships, dungeons and hellish abodes and save Earth from a demonic pandemic. These maps contain no more than 400 line...
Confinement 256 (vanilla version) - Xyzzy01
This is my first several maps made to work in vanilla Doom instead of relying on ZDoom features. More of a proof of concept than anything. From the original release .txt: "The area of each map the player has access to ca...
UAC Outpost - zigg
Large earth themed vanilla Doom 2 map with a city and several underground areas. Features large enemy numbers on UV. Uses only vanilla Doom 2 assets. Monster count: Easy - 224 Medium - 353 Hard - 440 Secrets: 7
Sonata in D(oom1) - 4shockblast
Classic techbase gameplay that everybody loves so much :^)
TsotsoFX deluxe - Optimus
This is a sort of remaster of my classic crap TsotsoFX. It's still crap but less so. I have fixed texture alignment at places, added new sky and music and map names, teleports to backtrack or save your from inescepable pit...
Doomed Stairs - Paul Hildebrandt
4 animated 3D modeled stairs textured with Doom2 graphics (not included) so to fit in with the game. All models are low poly, can be easily re-textured by editing the MODELDEF lump and spawn additional hit boxes for non-re...
Tiny Arena - Sloth Marine (CB)
A 90's style DM map that in the vein of Dwango maps (hell it uses Dwango music)
Waffle Bean Castle - Nikku4211
This prefab is a vanilla recreation of the waffle bean castle photo commonly spread around the internet and around Discord.
Lost_Levels - Bob9001
3 of these levels (Map 01-03) were made for another wad project that was discountined. So I decided to package them together and creator a brand new level (Map 04) from scratch to fit the theme and release this as 4 Map wad.
No Health - Engired
The title describes it. There is no health. If you can beat it single segment, you deserve the rank of a good doom player. You need to be patient, fast, and accurate. Good luck.
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