Title: Bubblegum Crisis DOOM Version 1.2.
Filename: combos/bgcdm1_2.zip
Size: 757.53 KB
Date: 01/30/01
Author: Peter Kretschman (pkretsch@umich.edu) Aaron Travis (originals) (travisa@umich.edu) Richard Liou (ver
Description: Updated to the previous version of Bubblegum Crisis DOOM (version 1.1). Changes are: : Version 1.1 had all resources betweeen the S_START and S_END Lumps, which caused ZDOOM to think they were Sprites. I fixed it so that any data including face graphics, title screen graphics, musics, and sounds are not where the sprites are. : Some Sprites were putted in as Alpha DOOM sprites, which made it unviewable in Wintex, my preferred editor for WADs. Using Wintex, I extracted all the resources of the WAD and then modified the BG-2000 Eliminator hand, so it's no longer blue. : removed any wasted space with NWT, which I only use for cleaning up Wasted space in WADs. : Fixed Dehacked patch text strings. DEHACKED lump is in WAD file so no one has to use the -deh parameter if you use ZDOOM, MBF, SMMU, or any other Source port with Dehacked in wad Support. : Added new DSPDIEHI Sound, using the DSPLDETH and a ROTT Sound as a Basis (ROTT Sound is "YOU SUCK!") : Tested with some TCs like HACX, Ghostbusters DOOM 2, Army of Darkness, etc. Don't try to run this patch with Batman DOOM, otherwise it causes troubles with the TC by ACE Team Software. Here are the results: : Batman DOOM: messes it up HACX: Works superbly. Army of Darkness: Works fine, but no Palm Blast. Ghostbusters DOOM 2: Uses sprites from other Weapons, so they are mixed up, but the patch works Here. : All TCs and PCs were not tested with this Patch. : Used the DSBFG sound from Otakon DOOM, the one in the Bubblegum Crisis DOOM Patch v1.1 was too wimpy. : Included one Screenshot from each TC I tested on to prove that the Bubblegum Crisis DOOM Patch will Work on those TCs. : Plus many other Bug Fixes.
Credits: The people who did the Bubblegum Crisis DOOM patch, and the Guys who did Otakon DOOM.
Base: Modified version of BGCDM1_1.ZIP
Build time: several hours
Editor(s) used: NWT, WINTEX, SNDREC32.
Bugs: Satellite and Mini Bomb projectiles are drunk.
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