Title: Vaults ... 6 level adventure for Hexen
Filename: levels/hexen/v-z/vaults13.zip
Size: 502.82 KB
Date: 12/20/96
Author: Chet Walters / WizWorks!
Description: You thought you defeated ol' Korax but it was merely his hologram. He's
Credits: John Williston for WAD Author. of course, ID and Raven
Base: From scratch by yours truly
Build time:
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Rating: (12 votes)
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There's some pretty cool puzzles in here but that Crsytal Caverns map is dog shit. I had to cheat to get past that one which is never a good thing.x
Fun, but still average in quality. Some really strange texture usage, including an elevator made entirely of crates. A massive stockpile of artifacts makes life very easy for you.x
I had a lot of fun playing this. Visually, it was a bit flat/bland at times, but the game play and puzzles were very engaging. Good work! 4/5x
I have mixed feelings about this one. The construction is competent but the first level kind of gave me a bad impression. It got better after that, if a bit too easy with all the goodies you get. What I really disliked is how punitive the maps are, you get hurt for trying to do things before you are "supposed" to, and some rooms/switches exist only to mess you up. Hexen maps should reward inquisitiveness, not punish it, I say. Still better than the majority of Hexen wads.x
hands down the best custom wad i have ever played. it doesnt feel like some amature wad it is on par with the original levels of hexen and hexen dk. x
Although it's littered with so many items in the later levels, I'd say this WAD is really excellent in Hexen standards. 4/5.x

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