April 25th, 2020

The SeHackEd Homepage

SeHackEd is a version of DeHackEd modified to work with Strife

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1/31/04 I added a s0hack.exe to the
sehacked zip file for hacking another
weird v1.0 exe.
1/24/04 SeHackEd v0.4 is out and works
with many versions of Strife!
1/18/04 SeHackEd is on Doomworld now!
1/08/04 SeHackEd is out!

Strife files
Official DeHackEd homepage
Strife update patches
Strife links
Doom Ports with some Strife support:
Strife Veteran Edition - SEH patch suppport
LZDoom - Decorate, Zscript, multiple instance splitscreen
Zandronum - Decorate, client-server online play
GZDoom/newer ZDooms - Decorate, zscript
k8vavoom - Decorate, Quake-style Progs
Vavoom - Quake-style Progs
SvStrife - SEH patch support
old SvStrife page


SeHackEd v0.4

Massive Patch

SeHackEd v0.4 source code
S0Hack v0.4 source code
S1Hack v0.4 source code

Weapons + Cheats
results of rainfire.seh
grappling hook jump


DeHackEd was made by Greg Lewis (Tree). SeHackEd is a version modified by Gokuma to work with Strife.

SeHackEd works with full Strife versions v1.0, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.31. You can also mess with the odd v1.0 and v1.1 exes from the Strife demos but a full retail strife1.wad is always required for SeHackEd to run. I still recommend upgrading Strife all the way to v1.31 (but it's always good to keep older versions around to mess with).

There are a few known issues....

Fixed problem with some unknown things at the end not being editable but do not edit thing 345 in normal Strife or 317 in v1.1 because they don't exist.

The ammo per item settings are always detected as changed even though they stay correct. This results in them always being in a SEH patch you save.

Sound playback doesn't work right. I suspect it's something to do with the compiler I'm using. I had the same problem when I compiled the unmodified DeHackEd v3.0a source. But when I use the released version of DeHackEd v3.0a or any released version of DeHackEd the sound plays fine.

It may seem like you can, but you can't edit code pointers. You'll have to juggle frames around that have the pointers you want. Based on Dehacked 3.0a source, functionality of Sehacked is somewhere between Dehacked 2.4 and 3.0a.

This editor must be run in dosbox.

F1 Help . . . . Load . . . . SeHackEd v0.4 . . . . Save . . . . Esc Quit