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Eternal DooM...27 level for DooM ][

NOTE! For those that only have the 27-level Eternal DooM! The 34-level update is available!

The story of Eternal DooM

Eternal DooM sounds good. I visited the TeamTNT's homepage to see some screenshot's and I was convinced that I must download it! NOW! One thing that I could see on the screenshots is that the new graphics looks just GREAT, and the status bar is damn well made!

When I load it on my computer I discover that it comes with nice shell program, called suprisingly "Eternal Shell" :). From the menu you can choose your starting level, save game, skill level and few more things... I get even more suprised when I find out that you can have different saves on each levels, so the save game slots are not going to end :)

The eternal DooM is splitted into three "episodes" called Eternal DooM 1, 2 and 3. Eternal DooM 1 and 2 are both 13 levels, and Eternal DooM 3 is 7 levels + credits level. Getting through the Eternal DooM 1 is not very hard. It looks damn neat, and has a very good challenge with the mosnters. The Levels of Eternal DooM 2 are more puzzle levels, and I had to use my mind with them. Some are really hard to complete, but when you find the way, you are very satisfied!

Final comments:
The story of Eternal DooM is not the most creative one, but it's good enough to give a good feeling. The new graphics are as damn good as TeamTNT's graphics always are. The music is excellent. And the levels are just great!

Here are the stars that tell what Eternal DooM is:
The look: Excellent
The sound: A few very good sounds
The music: Good
The feel: Sometimes I got bored, when I didn't find the way out, but mainly perfect
Hardness: Average
Mindwork: Sometimes it's almost like HeXeN! Use your mind!


The whole 34 levels: ETERNAL.ZIP (7893Kb)
Upgrade from 27 level to 34 levels: E3UPG.ZIP (2827Kb)