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September 6th, 2001 News
The spooky quiet has befallen this thing. That means there's never any time for doom anymore and I'm posting finality here. (That is if my ftp account is still working.) Here's the deal: windoom version 2.001 and its the final last no more updates windoom I'm gonna do. It compiles and runs flawlessly (hahaha) on everything from a 486-66 running w95 up to a 1.4GHz running wMe. The last compile was done with Visual C++ 6.0 with maybe service pack 3.
Check the link below for the files or email me if you can't find them:
wd2001.exe 245K is the last executables and help only file
wds2001.exe 6.7MB is the last source release (its big cuz setup and all is there)
There's no last installer or any of that, I'm too lazy, just download the old ones and then put wd2001 over them.
Undocumented Help Info
There is a fix that I never documented for that box that pops up usually at intermission and kills the music. A rare bug developed having to do with MCI devices and MS and cheap sound cards. About four people besides me owned a sound card that bad and experienced the problem. Anyhooo, after you have run the program once there is a file called midilist.txt created that contains a numeric reference and text description of the MIDI devices available on your computer. Add the command line -mididev # (for example -mididev 1) to try other MCI devices until you find one that works. The one that worked on mine sounded worse, but no more dead music and popup boxes that you can't read.

OK ftp won't let me in right now. I'll try again tonite or just email me for the downloads until they magically appear.

Good Night.

April 5th, 2001 News

  • Yes, the file links are broken again. Check at
    for the current files. Still no news regarding updates. FAQ #1: If the keyboard stops working it's because the program kicked out (no wad file) or crashed. Delete the file windoom.ini and that will solve the problem.
  • Nov 9, 2000 News

  • The thing is not dead, or is and just needs a few hours of resurection. '99-'00 has been a busy busy year for me, and a mostly stable version 1.11 left here is better than a maybe broken version 2.000. Updates pending....? Maybe Florida will decide when the next version is released.
  • Dec 13, 1999 News

  • There are updates. Slowly but surely an update is coming. The next release to this site will be windoom 2.000 sometime in the first 3 months of 2000. A FAQ is coming also, and my appologies about the link to the FrontEnd source code. I made the file available but did not update the link on this page.... Happy hollidays if I don't update before they're over.
  • Sep 1, 1999 News

  • There are updates. My isp is having tech probs with our ability to upload so... when they fix it I'll update more. The fixes include: FrontEnd enhancements and bug fixes; .ini file corruption bug fix; forced/selectable midi playback so Software Midi synthesizers can hear the original tunes too; and a few more. Stay tuned....
  • May 18, 1999 News

  • WinDoom returns! Things are now windoom(ed) again, and theres some minor bug fixes. The FrontEnd program is compiled with Visual Basic 5 now so it's a little more stable. VB5 also improved the installer/uninstaller. I upgraded my version of pkzip so the compression is better, smaller downloads yay. The version number is remaining 1.11.
  • The main reason for pushing ahead with the rename was that Bruce Lewis dropped glDoom and since windoom was his original port, and renaming doom4win to windoom was his idear... thanks again Bruce.
  • May 6, 1999 News

  • Downloads are now working again. Telefragged made a new ftp server so things got out of wack for a while - sorry. I am now answering the 50+ download probs emails, thanks for your patience. The new download place is, and the links below are fixed.
  • windoom? OK, you would think renaming a file is an easy project... wrong! MS Visual C++ is an aggravating development environment at best. It takes time to update project files and workout bugs in version info and string tables. I am going to rename it (back to) windoom ASAP (translated = some time in the next few days, weeks, months who knows).
  • A freek by any other name... is still a DAMN FREEK! If you feel like killing people and think Doom or any other 3D-Shooter will help you build up your de-sensitivity to carnage and humanity then please go see a priest or rabbi or pshrink-tologist! or, just let a puppy lick your face and make you feel better... awwwwwwww, puppys are soooooo cute. Killing people is BAD, mmmmkay. Killing yourself is BAD, mmmmmkay. Doom is good, doom is a GAME, mmmmmkay. Life is good, life is NOT A GAME, mmmmkay. Truely, if you have thought more than once about killing people at work or school, turn off that computer and get yourself outdoors and see the beeeee-yoooo-teeee-ful planet that you live on, go make a real life friend out of a total stranger, taste a new flavor of ice-cream, do anything other than sitting around having poluted killing fantasies. MMMMMMMmmmmmm-kay!
  • Apr 1, 1999 News

  • The Fools Day (in the US). "I am a fool" -said by me! In attempting to clean up, rename, and bux fix this code I have spent many many too many hours going thru it and fixing this and tweeking that. Of note- any MMSYSTEMnumber error seems to be caused by (1)corrupted midi files in modified, pirated, or user wad files, and/or (2) NO sound card in your computer. I have not yet been able to trap all of these errors, and have discovered that other programs (IE 4.0+ for one) generate the same error when trying to play midi music. Windoom will return in the next month or so, but to date there is no entirely noticable difference between what's posted here and what's coming so go ahead and download the doom4win version and enjoy.
  • Jan 25, 1999 News

  • Delay of Game. Miscellaneous health problems and life in general have eaten the free time needed to complete the updates to WinDoom. Still Coming... Soon.
  • Dec 17, 1998 News

  • Renaming the renamed and so on.... This dealy-bob is going back to it's orinal name windoom shortly after Christmas. The unanimous vote of 2 (Bruce Lewis and Me) is that windoom just plain sounds better. There will be some practically invisible bug fixes and I'll have to figure out something about the version number.
  • Here ft-puppy, heeeeeeere ft-puppy! Thanks to Nick Floussov I have discovered that my downloads were moved, so the links have been crappin out. All fixed now - thanks Nick, sorry for the lame support answer the first time.
  • Nov 14, 1998 News
    Version 1.11 Uploaded

  • Now REQUIRES DirectX 6.0 -- not because of the code but because I installed the SDK and it's too much trouble to go back and forth between 5 and six for different programs. Get it at:
  • Internet play still abosolutely stinks. However, if you insist on the netplay stuff: now there's a way to get it a little better. Add 4 (four) to your player number. I have added code that makes this a lot better for internet using player numbers 5-8. Front End will take care of this if you choose Internet as your Net Game option.
  • Much-ly optimized: getting 31-33 frames per second at 640x400 on a P2-266 and 13-15 on a 486-66.
  • Front End completed - net stuff in there and everything.
  • Files now at so they are back in original self-extracting format.
  • Nov 9, 1998 News

  • Internet play abosolutely stinks. Slow slow slow, and crashed, and the message routine bugged out (yesterday).
  • I haven't got my ftp setup yet so all the downloads are still at the whim of geocities ramdom refusal machine. You can get the full setup version here to avoid troubles tho:
  • The 1.01 release will be held up a couple days while I get some of the serious network bugs out, and try to improve the internet play to at least bearable.
  • Nov 8, 1998 News
    Almost have version 1.01 finished. Reworking and improving the Front End is the last hang up. 1.01 has

  • Some bug fixes - see Bugs below
  • Score scrolling into console fixed
  • Heavily Optimized - on a P2-266 i'm getting 28-31 frames per second at 640x400, 15 frames at 1024x768; 486-66 12-13 frames at 320x200; a friend's Cyrix 200 getting 12 frames at 640x480.
  • Getting ready to test internet play so... if I don't crash the system this will be uploaded later today.
  • Nov 5, 1998 Flash News Update Note Deal Thing:
    I'll just welcome myself to doomworld. And you should take a look at the stuff here...
    Doom World - Daddy-San Telefragged - Old News Page
    As soon as I get my FTP goods situated at doomworld the self-extracting versions will be uploaded. Also a much optimized and slightly improved version 1.01 will be uploaded (probably by the 10th).

    Nov 1, 1998 Flash News Update Note Deal Thing: 'No good deed goes unpunished.' OK, I got the couple of urgent requests coded into the thing, and the the upload bummed out quite a few times last night - trick or treat! The inaccurate page counter/stats tells me that about 16 of you might have downloaded a badly undersized and corrupted d4wsetup.exe. It appears to be fixed now.

    Oct 31, 1998 Flash News Update Note Deal Thing: Only 5 hours after uploading the first version of this I have been ordered by players to make save/load save or load the score. In the worx...
    OK, I spent an hour or so writing some pretty good code to save/load the scores without messing with the original savegame routine(s) or files. Sorry to those of you who have to download again.

    Oct 30, 1998 Note: Found out today Geocities won't allow executable files, so the self-extracting archives have had to be made back into regular .zip files. I use registered PKZip to compress them, so you can use PKUnzip, PKZip for Windows, or Winzip to uncompress the files. Get PK Programs at: PK-Ware or get winzip at the Winzip Home Page. Oct 31 p.s. to this note: this may move (got email from, and that would be very very nice!

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