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Delicate Balance CD [top]

This is the music I wrote for the now defunct HacX2, and it's such a fantastic music CD, with 11 songs topping off at about 32 minutes, the cost is $12 (includes shipping and handling).

Below are 4 song snippets for you to preview. Each one is about 40 seconds long and 600k in size.

I also found this older tune I wrote around the same time as the music for Delicate Balance, but I lost the source file for it and never got to do anything else with it, and really didn't want to rewrite everything. The MP3 quality isn't as good as I would like, and it's a little too bright, but still a killer tune. It was going to be a part of HacX2/Delicate Balance, but, oh well. That's what I get for not backing crap up back then. :)

Anyway, have a listen and enjoy. Grab the MP3 for
Design Flaws, it's about 3.5 megs/4 minutes. This one is free of course, and is a good sample of the mood and style of the Delicate Balance music, just in case the samples aren't long enough for you.

If you'd like to order a Delicate Balance CD for $12 (includes shipping and handling), click here.
Gothic Dreams mp3 download Desolation mp3 download
Lost mp3 download Weakness mp3 download

Fragging Fanatical CD [top]

Fragging Fanatical is 20 tracks of intense music topping off at about 40 minutes in length, ranging in style such as Meshuggah, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rammstien, Queensryche, Overkill, and King Diamond, all designed for a pleasurable gaming experience by providing an intense background mood.

While it was written to enhance my total conversion,
QDOOM, it can be used for any game on the market that uses CD audio -Quake, Quake 2, Half Life, Sin, etc., it is also good enough for play in any CD audio player -in the house, car, portable stereo, and yes, even dance clubs. It costs $8 US (includes shipping) to anywhere in the world.

If you'd like to order a Fragging Fanatical CD for $8 (includes shipping), click here.
Fragging Fanatical MP3s [top]

This is the music I wrote for QDOOM, 20 high quality MP3's or a CD with even cleaner sound for a mere $8 (includes shipping anywhere on the planet).

You can snag each MP3 below, or if you want a description of each songs style and download, go to the QDOOM page. Each MP3 is about 2 megs.
Intro mp3 download Chasm mp3 download
Destiny mp3 download He Awaits You mp3 download
Ripped mp3 download The Clash mp3 download
You Can't Stop It mp3 download Deaf Silence mp3 download
Infinite Chase mp3 download Searching mp3 download
Slaughter mp3 download The Last Moment mp3 download
Sights Beyond mp3 download Angels Vengeance mp3 download
Beyond The Dungeons mp3 download Advancing Chaos mp3 download
Die Die Lieden (Those That Suffer) mp3 download The Vision mp3 download
Fear The Unseen mp3 download Outro mp3 download

Limits Online CD [top]

This 'CD' is titled 'Limits', and explores the range of emotions expierenced when pushed to the limits. I got to use some new instruments with some of these songs too. Please read the readme in the zip file if you plan on doing anything other than play the songs. Enjoy! (about 18 megs)
DOOM2 TC Music [top]

This is a large set of songs I originally wrote for some DOOM2 TC's, including Gothic DM2, Gothic 99, ROKS, and some smaller unreleased projects. They were written on and for the Sound Blaster AWE32 sound card, and about all other sounds card make them sound quite odd. So you get your choice of the original MIDI and MP3 recorded from a Sound Blaster AWE32, the way they were meant to be heard. Each MP3 is about 2 megs. See how they compare on your sound card!

I never named the songs, except for the last two, so they are all just plainly named. The last two are just a couple of cool tunes I never used. Caverns is too nice of a song to use in a game (I think at least).
Gothic DM2 map01 midi download mp3 download Gothic 99 map15 midi download mp3 download
map02 midi download mp3 download map16 midi download mp3 download
map03 midi download mp3 download map17 midi download mp3 download
map04 midi download mp3 download map18 midi download mp3 download
map05 midi download mp3 download map19 midi download mp3 download
map06 midi download mp3 download map20 midi download mp3 download
map07 midi download mp3 download Execution map21 midi download mp3 download
map08 midi download mp3 download map22 midi download mp3 download
map09 midi download mp3 download ROKS map23 midi download mp3 download
map10 midi download mp3 download Shrill map24 midi download mp3 download
map11 midi download mp3 download Caverns map25 midi download mp3 download
map12 midi download mp3 download
map13 midi download mp3 download
map14 midi download mp3 download