QDOOM: Quake Done DOOM Style

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About [top]

When did QDOOM start and when will it be released?
QDOOM started on 2/23/99 (based on the date of the readme.txt in the oldest QDOOM test, which only had three Quake weapons and some sounds). There is no team on this project, I've done pretty much everything by myself.

It's done! As of 4/25/2001, QDOOM is officially slated to version 1.00 and toe tagged as complete. It has been released for public consumption on 8/17/2001. Go to the downloads page to get it now!

There is the QDOOM Public Test and the QDOOM movie available as well in case you want smaller versions or older samples. Go to the
downloads page and grab both. Basically, the Public Test is the first episode of QDOOM.
What's in QDOOM? [top]

-Quake's weapons
-Quake's monsters (all but the Spawn)
-Quake's pickup items
-20 original, high quality MP3's
-high quality music also available as a CD you can purchase from me for $8 (click the
music menu link for purchase info)
-a huge texture WAD of Quake's textures (no DOOM textures will be used)
-12 levels total
-DDF and RTS coded using the EDGE engines super powerful scripting languages
What are you using to make all this stuff? [top]

Graphics Stuff:

Paint Shop Pro -used to create new textures, edit Quake's to fit DOOM (including importing DOOM's palette, pre and post palette adjustments), sprite creation and editing
Animation Shop (comes with PSP5) -used to create special effects for the animated water-warped textures (for water, slime, lava, etc.)
Paint Brush (for Win98) -used for minor/basic editing, usually cropping sprites (I didn't use this as much once I got used to cropping in PSP5)

Quake Stuff:

Winpak 1.3 -used to extract basic elements from Quake's PAK file (maps, sounds, misc items)
Adqedit 1.3 -used to extract complex elements from Quake's PAK file (textures from the BSP's, sprites, etc.)
QuArK 5.3 (Quake Army Knife) -used to extract textures from Quake's BSP's (it's faster than Adqedit)
qME 3.1 preview 2 -used to open and edit Quake models, and pose the models for taking screenshots, then pasting in PSP5, cleanup and palette importing occurrs there

DOOM Stuff:

Wintex 4.3 -used to build QDOOM.WAD, everything from sprites and textures, to sounds and maps
DOOMCad 5.1 (old version) -used to create maps, this is my preferred map editor
WAD Studio 1.5b -used only for the "delete unusd linedefs" and "delete unused sectors" repair functions, very nice, since DOOMCad doesn't clean deleted linedefs or sectors
Wad Author 1.3 -will be used to edit linedefs sector references (for self referencing sectors)
GLBSP 1.9 -used to compile QDOOM's maps
RMB -used to create reject maps for QDOOM's maps (speeds up gameplay by telling the engine what areas the player can't see from a certain sector)
WAD Cleaner 1.0 -used to clean wasted space and compress WAD file entries

Sound Stuff:

Digital Orchestrator Pro 3.00.37 -my (very expensive) digital recording program, used to create digital audio music and MIDI
Cool Edit 96 -used to create new sounds and edit Quake's to fit DOOM's limitations
L3ENC 2.60 -a very old MP3 encoder, but still the best IMO (has the least amount of artifacts), used to encode my digital audio into MP3's used by DOS DOOM

MISC Stuff:

Notepad -used to create and modify DDF coding and radius trigger scripting
EDIT -used to create the hoakey ASCII "QDOOM" logo in the startup sequence...
What about compatibility? [top]

QDOOM will not be usable with just any map set. I'm not replacing any DOOM items, except for the pistol and chainsaw (engine "bug" workaround). QDOOM will only work with the EDGE engine. It will not work with DOOM.EXE, DOOM2.EXE, Legacy, ZDOOM, or any other source port. You can grab the EDGE engine at http://www.edge.sourceforge.net.
How's the progress looking? [top]

Axe - complete
Shotgun - complete
Super shotgun - complete
Nailgun - complete
Supernailgun - complete
Grenade launcher - complete
Rocket launcher - complete
Lightning gun - complete
Rotfish - complete
Rottweiler - complete
Grunt - complete
Ogre - complete
Knight - complete
Scrag - complete
Zombie - complete
Fiend - complete
Shambler - complete
Vore - complete
Death Knight - complete
Enforcer - complete
Chthon Boss - complete
Shub-Niggurath Boss (Old One) - complete

The monster I will *not* include is the Spawn (the bouncing blue blobs). It isn't fun to battle (at least for me), so I'm not going to do it. I did add the Rotfish recently, since the EDGE engine can now do water.
Health boxes (15%, 25%, and 100%) - complete
3 spinning armors (green, yellow, and red) - complete
All spinning weapon pickups - complete
Ammo boxes: nails, shells, rockets, and cells - complete
Spinning power-ups: Ring Of Shadows, Bio-suit, Quad (this is limited to affecting the fists only, EDGE/DDF limitation...), and Pentagram of Protection - complete
Environment Effects:
Big explode box - complete
Small explode box - complete
Arcing lavaball - complete
Animated, sound emitting flames - complete
Animated, sound emitting wall torch - complete
Globe - complete
Spike shooters (invisible traps) - complete
Laser shooter (invisible traps) - complete
Rain (with sound) - complete
Lightning (with sound) - complete
Rubble spawner (both rocks and metal) (used to simulate breaking walls) -complete
Bubble - complete but unused, engine code still pending at time of release for floating upwards (possible meander from side to side too)
I have all sound oriented with the above items implemented already. I've also added looping environment sounds, like the wind and swamp sounds, buzzing lights etc., and are used in the maps to set a REAL Quake mood.

All looping Quake ambient sounds are implemented as of 5/31/99. I'm still adding custom sounds as well for special events, noises, and speech.
Completed all FLATs and PATCHEs, and the texture lump. Other textures will be added when needed (rotations, size, custom stuff).

START #1 - complete
E1M1 - complete
E1M2 - complete
E1M3 - complete
START #2 - complete
E2M1 - complete
E2M2 - complete
E2M3 - complete
START #3 - complete
E3M1 - complete
E3M2 - complete
SHOWDOWN - complete
New Linedefs and Sector Specials:
I have a slew of new line types and sector specials created for various events. You'll have to rip open QDOOM.WAD and view DDFLINE or DDFSECT and see for yourself. Most lines are not generic, most all are for custom events and not worth explaining.
MP3 [top]

 	Duration: 36 seconds
	Type: Aggressive Heavy Metal
	Sounds like: Korn (a little)
	MP3: download


	Duration: 1:01
	Type: Melodic Heavy Metal
	Sounds like: Queensryche
	MP3: download


	Duration: 1:54
	Type: Aggressive Heavy Metal
	Sounds like: Meshuggah
	MP3: download

You Can't Stop It:

	Duration: 2:06
	Type: Aggressive Heavy Metal
	Sounds like: Yngwie J. Malmsteen
	MP3: download

Infinite Chase:

	Duration: 1:51
	Type: Industrial-ish Power Metal
	Sounds like: Queensryche/Overkill/Yngwie J. Malmsteen
	MP3: download


	Duration: 2:12
	Type: Power Metal (acoustical breakdown mid-section)
	Sounds like: Meshuggah/Fear Factory
	MP3: download

Sights Beyond:

	Duration: 1:56
	Type: Melodic Power Metal
	Sounds like: Dream Theater/Yngwie J. Malmsteen
	MP3: download

Beyond The Dungeons:

	Duration: 2:27
	Type: Melodic Power Metal
	Sounds like: Yngwie J. Malmsteen/Paul Gilbert (Racer X)
	MP3: download

Die Die Leiden (Those That Suffer):

	Duration: 2:27
	Type: Industrial Power Metal
	Sounds like: NIN/Rammstein/Marty Friedman (Cacophony)
	MP3: download

Fear The Unseen:

	Duration: 2:05
	Type: Industrial Power Metal
	Sounds like: Meshuggah/Kind Diamond
	MP3: download


	Duration: 2:11
	Type: Heavy Metal
	Sounds like: Overkill/Yngwie J. Malmsteen
	MP3: download

He Awaits You:

	Duration: 2:38
	Type: Melodic Power Metal
	Sounds like: Yngwie J. Malmsteen/Rammstein
	MP3: download

The Clash:

	Duration: 2:14
	Type: Industrial Power Metal
	Sounds like: Yngwie J. Malmsteen (solos)/Rammstein/Meshuggah
	MP3: download

Deaf Silence:

	Duration: 2:12
	Type: Melodic Heavy Metal
	Sounds like: Yngwie J. Malmsteen
	MP3: download


	Duration: 2:12
	Type: Industrial/Dance Metal
	Sounds like: Pantera/NIN/Yngwie J. Malmsteen (solos)
	MP3: download

The Last Moment:

	Duration: 2:09
	Type: Melodic Heavy Metal
	Sounds like: Yngwie J. Malmsteen/Queensryche/Meshuggah
	MP3: download

Angels Vengeance:

	Duration: 2:08
	Type: Industrial Power Metal
	Sounds like: Meshuggah/Rammstein
	MP3: download

Advancing Chaos:

	Duration: 2:32
	Type: Melodic Power Metal
	Sounds like: Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Meshuggah, Testament
	MP3: download

The Vision:

	Duration: 1:52
	Type: Melodic Power Metal
	Sounds like: Meshuggah/Yngwie J. Malmsteen
	MP3: download


	Duration: 0:48
	Type: Gothic Metal
	Sounds like: Gothic Rock
	MP3: download

CD [top]

The music is also available now on CD, called "Fragging Fanatical". The CD features 20 songs/40 minutes of music for $8 US. This includes shipping to anywhere in the world. You can order the CD on the music page.

Each song is about 2 minutes long, mainly for download considerations (MP3's can get big). They will loop well, so you won't go crazy hearing it 10 times in a row. You will not only be able to play QDOOM with incredible, professional quality music, but you can also play them on your computer using any program that can play MP3's! And with the CD, you can take these killer tunes anywhere! I promise you will love the music!