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Announcement (update by nitro) June 8, 2002 The Extinction is coming...

Let Them All Die (update by Pennywise) May 24, 2002 Wow... what can I say? New site design, new winds blowing here at the Parallel office :) To quote a late, great musician: "Something new is born when something old dies". Indeed. From the ashes of Parallel Dimension II rises a new project we've been working on for the past couple of months: The Extinction.

It will be a single player-only, heavily story-influenced experience that uses ZDoom as its engine. The story will be divided into three chapters, and we will release each of them one by one, like a trilogy. We'll post a more a detailed update here together with the first screenshots that will be released on June 8 (to celebrate the original Parallel Dimension's 4th birthday :)

As I said before, we've been working on this for some time now, and the current release date for The Extinction: Chapter I is set to September 2002.

Watch this space :)

Parallel Parking (update by nitro) May 20, 2002 Howdy fellow lovers of DOOM! I've dug myself out of the deep and slimy hole I've been living at for last year or so to bring you this totally pointless and lame update, hooray! :) As you can clearly see, a re-design has happened for the first time in FOUR YEARS (!) It's been made by my good friend and comrade Markku Karjala. You can check out his site 4seen.sentence or email him at to tell him what a good job he's done!

But why do a re-design if there's nothing new here to download or new screenshots to look at? Christ, the old one looked like it was from 1995!! Do I really need another reason?! :)

But anything new DOOM-wise, you ask? Well, not much I'm afraid. Ok, I lied…… nothing. To be honest I don't even have DOOM on my computer ATM, what a crime! But seriously, there just hasn't been any time because of school, work and "other activities". I know, it's always the same excuses, but it's true!

As some of you might remember, we had this little project going on called The Parallel Dimension II. Unfortunately that whole thing has died for good. The reason: too much to do, far too few to do it. Just one to be exact, Pennywise. The project was just such a huge undertaking, that it was impossible for one person to finish it. It's now gone and forgotten. Sorry.

Now that we have that out of the way, why don't you download The Parallel Dimension and FragFest Initialized... just to see that it hasn't always been downhill for us! :) Come on, you know you want to.

And now for the big question: will the Parallel Team make another map, PC, TC or anything ever again??? We'd like to keep you guessing, so we'll say maybe. Does anybody care anymore? Doubt it. But if you do, please drop me a line, I'd like to hear from you. That's about it, I guess. Until next time, it's bye bye.

"Updates will happen when we get the time."