SLIGE Ports and Projects

Dave Chess maintains the main SLIGE source and docs, and distributes those and the official Win32 executable (go back to the main page for pointers to those). But other people have done other things with SLIGE, including a number of ports to other operating systems, and some front-ends and combined utilities that drive or use SLIGE in one way or another.

Some of these things are listed here; no doubt there are also some that I've forgotten! Please do drop me a line if you see any errors here, or if you know of any other generally available things that use SLIGE in any way. Note that my listing a program here just means that I know it seems to have something to do with SLIGE, and so might be of interest to readers of this page. It does not mean that I have tested the program or anything; in most cases, I've never even tried a copy!

The DOS port mkwong maintains a copy of the DOS/DJGPP executable on this page, for you lucky folks who don't run Windows. (It's built from exactly the same source as the Win32 executable.)
The Acorn port Justin Fletcher makes a version for RISC OS for the Acorn available on this page. We're in the process of folding the RISC OS mods into the main source; Real Soon Now, I'm sure!
The Sparc port Coming soon!
Random DOOM From Rethcir, a combination of the DosDoom source port, SLIGE, and the BSP nodebuilder, Random DOOM builds the new random levels while you play! Sounds interesting. The text file and zip file are in the frontends directory on
Doom][ Control From SkippyBrand Software, an allaround front-end and launcher for DOOM (II) and SLIGE, including GUI access to all DOOM and SLIGE options, WAD selection, phonelists, and all sorts of stuff.
DCF Javier Almenera's DCF ("Doom Checker File") is a general front-end for DOOM, and includes level-building via SLIGE.
SDLaunch From Andreas Scholz, a GUI frontend for SLIGE, for those of you who like them menu-dialog things better than plain old command-line switches.
Factory From Delcroix Dorian, another frontend for SLIGE; the text file and zip file are in the frontends directory on
Sliged From JJ Ukil, yet another frontend; this time the text file and zip file are in the randomizers directory on
Slige Launcher From Dark Vengance, still another frontend; currently unsupported and not updated, but it comes with source code (see also other source from the same author).
Fun with SLIGE From Blake Linton Wilfong (whose site has all sorts of cool stuff), a page about various SLIGE tricks, of special interest to co-op players.

The SLIGE source compiles under Linux gcc, and the result works fine; Linux folks being what they are, I don't know of anyone who bothers to make any particular Linux executable available on the Web (after all, you can always just compile it yourself!). I don't know of a Macintosh port, but I'm told that the DOS version works fine in the usual PC emulators.

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