Welcome to the home of SLIGE on DoomWorld.

STATUS: Build 485 of SLIGE is still the latest official release; yeah, I know it's been months! See the news page for the latest developments.

Latest SLIGE news can be found on the news page.

SLIGE is a Win32 (i.e. Windows 95 or NT or 3.1 with Win32s) program (compilable also for DOS and Linux) that produces brand-new levels for DOOM or DOOM II. If you're tired of the levels and PWADs that you have, you can use SLIGE to generate dozens or hundreds or thousands more. Some of them will probably be pretty good, too (he said modestly).

You can get the documentation, and the program to run, and even the source code. (You'll also need a node-builder, like BSP to use the levels that it makes, and of course to do anything with the source code you'll need a C compiler!)

Here's a screen-shot, to help convince you that this isn't just a "six huge rooms with 128-high walls and sky ceilings" sort of thing:

Some more screen shots are available here. Note that the page may take a bit of time to load; no little thumbnails here!

I would be very interested in any feedback anyone has on SLIGE; post to r.g.c.d.e, or send me a note. Also, see my old personal homepage, and the DOOM page there for some other DOOM-related stuff.

For the DOS version and other ports of SLIGE, as well as other SLIGE-related projects, see the Other SLIGE Projects page.

The current background GIF is just a nice familiar DOOM graphic. I assume id Software doesn't mind this sort of minimal use; if anyone knows I'm wrong, drop me a line! Any other DooMy GIFs that don't interfere with the readability of the text would be welcome!

Oh, and if your computer supports TrueType fonts, but the title of this page isn't in the cool DooM font, you really ought to get it: here.