Gotta have screenshots, right? So here are a few. If you have a really cool SLIGE screenie, send it to me, and if it's sufficiently rad I will add it to the user-contributed screenies page along with your name. You lucky dog, you.

Some nice Artificial Architecture.

This was on the home page for awhile, showing off some coolness from Build 400 or so. I think.

This is the first shot that I used to show off SLIGE. Very sennimenal.

Some of the DOOM2-only textures are actually kinda nice!

Beeg open areas can be fun...

Publicity shot for build 310, when Revenants were added.

Another Revenant, this one being cute for the camera in a publicity shot for the new Marble theme in build 325.

Chaingunners as light-sources (thanks to Mayanne for the screen-shot).

Useful things, barrels! Build 337 added both barrels and the occasional exterior window, as shown here.

Just a nice atmosphere shot, showing off some new architectural features in build 354 or so.

Another couple of shots that were on the homepage for awhile:

How's that?

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