User-Contributed Screenshots

These screenies were sent in by SLIGE users. Send in your own favorites, and become famous!

The first fan-contributed screenie, from SailorScout. Nice and symmetrical.

A couple of very nice shots from Blake Wilfong, to whose insightful comments SLIGE owes much, including most of its co-op playability:

Nice armor-placement; from Hans Johansson.

This one is from Slasher770; he liked the torches.

From Geo DooMr; the random number generator was in fine form for this one!

A couple from DeathEssence, who shows admirable taste:

A lovely bunch, with comments, from STLocutus:

"This could be tricky!"

"Are they trying to hint at something here?"

"Wrong turn back at the lava pool?"

"All it needs is a few flowers, and maybe a nice rosebush..."

"Couldn't have designed it better myself!"

"Which way do I go, George?"

A nice outdoor shot from an anonymous gamer.

That's all for now! Send in yours and become famous...

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