RUINS: an EDGE map

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RUINS is a one map, single player only project using the EDGE engine, consists of all new textures, a couple of new graphics, and a moody MP3 song (written by me of course).

I used Quake 3 textures as a template, and used PSP6 to make them original and unique, and only added a titlepic and menu graphic top. It's pretty basic compared to QDOOM.

While it's only one map, it is of fair size. There are only non-human monsters, lots of easier ones, and a few hard ones in select places. The setting is at night, hence the map is quite dark. If you have a hard time seeing the map, play in a dark room (or at night), turn off all lights in the room, and play away. Makes things creepier too. :)

The motif is watery old ruins, moss covered and weathered rock, and an old abandoned processing plant. As you can guess, I used a good amount of translucent colored water and 3D floors, being that it's an EDGE map.
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