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Cult Members / Minions / Thralls
Though the lowest in the Order's hierarchy they are certainly the most numerous. They possess only the most basic of spells.

Tougher than common Cult Members, they control enough sorcery that they hover a few inches above the ground and have been granted talismans that magnify their power channeling abilities.

The Apostles of Anagarok
Second only to the Avatar himself within the Order's hierarchy, these dark priests are so imbued with power that they defy gravity and float above the ground.

The tortured and shredded spirits of the damned that have gone mad from their punishment. Granted leave of Hell by the evil powers they take their vengeance out on the still living.

These shadowy supernatural beings from the Netherworld are composed of the darkest mists. They take solid form to relieve you of your vision of the horrors around you by clawing out your eyes.

These savage creatures are the servants of darkness and pets of minor devils. They can sometimes be found alone but often prefer to roam in packs to search for prey.

An old favorite back with a major upgrade, these creatures are evil looking spiky humanoids that pack a nasty surprise.

Abyss Crawlers
Small predators that have evolved from the decay and evil energies that slither within the deepest recesses of the Abyss. These creatures spit poisonous globs of spores that infect and devour you from the inside out.

N'Garai Daemonites
The warriors of Hell's armies. They may lack the powers of their larger cousins but don't underestimate the damage they can cause.

Archon of Hell
These demons make up the upper crust on Hell's Overlords. They are faster, stronger, and much deadlier than lesser Daemonites.

Decomposing corpses that have been possessed and restructured by powerful demonic spirits. Watch out for the sharp bone shards they fire from their hands.

The Fallen / Fallen Ones
The charred remnants of once beautiful creatures, consumed and twisted by their own hatred. Their Eons long imprisonment in the Lower Planes have done nothing to slow them down.

Soul Harvesters
These fearsome creatures wander the planes of Limbo devouring and corrupting the souls condemned there.

Death Incarnates
Evil drones built of the bones and rotting energies of demons. Their strength lies not in their outer shells but in the evil energies that crackle within.

Hades Sphere
An entity of pure chaos from the deepest regions of Hell. These formless masses of energy have the ability to conjure demons to destroy their enemies. Fortunately they are easily destroyed.

The Dark Avatar
Your former leader and master; he has been granted vast power by Anagarok and intends on using this power to destroy you for your blasphemy.

Maloch Abbadon
The general of Anagarok's armies. He's huge and showers you with Hellfire. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Anagarok has come to be known across the plains of Hell as one of the greater Lords of Torment. Although once only a minor Devil, Anagarok now possesses incredibly enhanced powers thanks his exposure to the Unholy Monolith.

The Unholy Monolith
Supposedly the trapped essences of a thousand evil souls and the source of Anagaroks's power. No mortal soul knows what the Unholy Monolith looks like or where it is located. Legend says that most who look upon the Monolith go insane.

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