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    History of DooM Resurrection

here's an excerpt from what former Resurrection leader Tommie "Fatal" Quick wrote on the old Resurrection page.

DooM Resurrection had initially started out as a 32 level DooM II total conversion. Howerver, as time progressed, team members dropped out and the project basically fell apart. Resurrection was eventually discontinued (Much to the disappointment of many).Anyway, I was browsing my hard drive the other day and I came across Resurrection in my development directory. I thought "what the hell" and loaded it up. As soon as I started playing I thought "damn this is cool." So, I decided that I would start working on a much smaller version of Resurrection for release. Resurrection level pack 1 was born.

Resurrection level pack 1 is a small 6 level version of what Resurrection was originally going to be. Level pack 1 follows the original Resurrection story up to a certain point. Depending on how sucessfull this pack is, there may be another. That's right, Level pack 2!! If that one works out, maybe eventually Resurrection will be complete, just split into smaller chunks =)

I'm currently working on porting all of my old Resurrection work into ZDOOM, adding coloured lighting, scripts etc etc. The updated levels will not have many (if any) polyobjects, but when I start the new levels (like the Genetics lab that I'm working on) expect polyobjects and scripts galore.

As stated from the quote above, DooM Resurrection was originally supposed to be a 32 level total conversion with all new weapons, enemies, levels, and features. As time progressed, people started to drop out of the project, and basically everything was stopped. The project eventually died an early death.

However, the project had been resurrected again by the original leader Tommie Quick. His original plan was to release a smaller version of what Resurrection was going to be, and maybe once again continue on what he had created. However, he couuld not find any time to work on the project, and decided to stop work on it.

Instead of letting the project die again, Tommie asked the DooM community if anyone would help him finish the project. This is were I (Mike Tawney) come into the picture.

If you have been wondering what has been going on since July, Tommie has given me the position to take over DooM Resurrection. Though Tommy still continues to workon Resurrection a little bit, I am currently doing just about everything with the project. As of October of 1999, I have just about finished the new first level of the game, adding new textures, hiring new people to contribute with the project, and basically just about everything else.

What I plan on doing now with the project is really make it a true sequel to DooM II. the story is based off of the ending of DooM II, all the monsters and weapons will still be the game, and the levels will still have the basic feeling of DooM levels. However, some things in episode I will be changed. There will be a new weapon, a new enemy or two, and LOTS of ZDoom effects. All the levels will have a progressing feeling to them, and heavily built into the Resurrection story. More details will be posted later, but until now, I don't want to give too much away.

Last updated 10/24/99

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