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Bad Guys

Doom is full of pesky demons, here is a list of them, under each weapon is the number of how many shots it takes to kill the bad guy at close range, on Ultra Violence mode. These aren't exact. Note: The Bfg damage is variable read the "DOOM BFG9000 FAQ" to see how it works, this page gives an average damage related to a direct hit. A hit can be anywhere on the body since doom doesn't have location damage.

Picture Name Description Bullet Shell Rocket Cell Bfg
Former Human
This is your basic soldier turned zombie after the demons attack, armed with a pistol 2 1 1 1 1
(Shotgun Guy)
Same as soldier but with a shot gun, takes a while to reload, once he's dead he gives you a shot gun 3 1 1 2 1
Imp This guy shoots out fire balls which are pretty easy to strafe out of the way of, also if you get too close he attacks you with his claws 6 1 1 3 1
Looks like a deformed pig, doesn't shoot but bites you if you get close. Sometimes can be invisible which then is called a spectre 14 2 1 7 1
(Heavy Weapon Dude)
A UAC Commander turned zombie, armed with a chaingun that you can collect once you kill him 7 1 1 4 1
Cacodemon Flys around shooting fire quite deadly fireballs at you, but they are pretty easy to dodge 36 6 2 18 1
Mancubus Shoots lots of fire balls at you at once so the best bet is to use a rapid fire weapon 60 9 3 30 1
Revenant Quite fast, shoots shoots heat seeking missiles...or at the least, tracking Missiles. They can fire two types of missile: one is a homing missile, the other is not. Both missiles look alike (somewhat like flaming "meteors"), but a homing missile leaves a smoking trail, the non-homing missile does not. 30 5 2 15 1
Lost Soul These guys are pretty weak, they fly around aimlessly until they spot you then head straight for you, they don't shoot but bite you. 10 2 1 5 1
Pain Elemental flys around like the Cacodemon and shoots out Lost Soles instead of attacking, so kill it quick before he creates too many (If there is 20 Lost Soles in a level the Pain Elemental will not create anymore, this is probably because the game may not be able to handle that many sprites) 40 6 2 20 1
Baron of Hell Really strong and shoots green fire balls 100 15 5 50 1
Hell Knight Basically a weaker version of the Barron of Hell 50 8 3 25 1
Arch Vile Very fast, this guy can respawn dead demon, can also set you on fire which usually kills you 70 10 4 35 1
Arachnotron A small spider looking guy that shoots out a lot of plasma when it sees you 50 8 3 25 1
Spider Mastermind The mother of the Arachnotron, much stronger, shoots with a chaingun (much bigger in game compared to pic) 300 43 15 150 2
Cyber Demon The Biggest and Badest monster in Doom, although slow he is very strong and shoots rockets at you fairly fast so expect allot of running around. 400 15 20 200 3
Doom2 boss
John Romero
The boss of doom2, this was taken from shooting through the hole in the monster's head. 28 5 2 12 1
John Romero
Doom2 boss
The boss of doom2, this is only relevant if you use non clipping to acces the small room with Romero's head. 28 5 2 12 1
SS Guard
(Nazi Soldier)
Right out of Wolf3D this guy is (I think) just the same as the Commander with a different look and fires at about half the speed. 5 1 1 3 1
Commander Keen Not really a Bad Guy but you can shoot him 3 1 1 2 1
(Our Hero)
Hey its one of your own, he can shoot any weapon in the game, and he is fast if he's running:) 10 2 2 5 1
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