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Early Doom Characters | Doom Novel Characters

Early Doom Characters

In the early stages of Doom, id planed to use different characters with different strengths, weaknesses and skills. Some of these characters appear or are similar to characters in 3D Realm's game Rise of the Triad. In this instead of visiting Phobos the characters visit a moon called Tei Tenga or its a similar place. This is a list of the Doom characters found in the Doom Bible written by Tom Hall and the ROTT characters are from the ROTT manual:

Lorelei Chen
Age: 27 Weight: 151 Height: 5'10"
Physical Description: Muscular, tall woman, attractive, but has strangely too-intense eyes. Oriental featured in the brown eyes and black hair, which is drawn back into a large knot. Scar on left shoulder from rock-climbing accident.
Character Description: Fiercely competitive, Lorelei intimidates most people. She won her troop boxing championship. Lost a bet that meant she had to pull her application for a glory post. Too late to reapply, she got this post. Married for six months once, husband divorced her for irreconcilable differences. From European Alliance. No one calls her Lorelei.
Advantages: Fast. Crack shot with pistol.
Disadvantages: Once wounded, she still tends to push herself to compensate, so wounds can keep ticking off more. Not used to bayonet.
Similar to ROTT Character: Lorelei Ni
Age: 27 Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Skin: Olive Height: 5'10"
Speed: Fast Accuracy: Excellent Hit Points: Low
Chinese. Fiercely competitive. Won troop boxing championship. Intense eyes. Scar on shoulder from rock-climbing accident. Once married and soon divorced.

John “Petro” Pietrovich
Age: 34 Weight: 190 Height: 5’9”
Physical Description: Black balding man with thick eyebrows. Missing last joint of right ring finger. Brown eyes.
Character Description: Former head of security at AWR (Advanced Weapons Research) Labs, Petro grew tired of the overwhelming bureaucracy of the UAAF. His insubordination cost him his rank, and his assignment on Tei Tenga was his request, made to get away from the epicenter of annoyance while finishing out his term of duty.
Advantages: Good with standard shell weapons. Can take damage.
Disadvantages: Average speed. Not used to missile weapons.

Dimitri Paramo
Age: 37 Weight: 191 Height: 5’11”
Physical Description: Bulky, slightly overweight greek-spaniard with swarthy but unkempt looks. Frizzly dark brown hair explodes and falls off his head.
Character Description: Dimitri is basically stuck in the low ranks of the military, but that suits him just fine. He wants nothing more from life: give him a clear objective and the chance to release aggression through the freely available high-powered firearms, and he’s happy.
Advantages: Very good with a ll weapons. Can take a lot of damage.
Disadvantages: Slow.

Thi Barrett
Age: 22 Weight: 130 Height: 5’6”
Physical Description: Red-haired and trim, Thi (Pronounced “Tee”) has piercing blue eyes, and is stout but gorgeous. A toss of hair tends to fall over her forehead. She holds a bewitching dimpled smile in reserve until it proves useful.
Character Description: Thi has a friendly, if straight-laced, disposition. Father was a sargeant in the UAAF, a career soldier that gave Thi a strong sense of duty and honor. Medalist in unarmed combat competition. She volunteered for this post because no one wanted it, and with a desire to have a variety of experience in her military life.
Advantages: Faster than Average. Hard to hit. Does incredible damage with bayonet.
Disadvantages: Low hit points.
Similar to ROTT Character: Thi Barrett
Age: 22 Hair: Red Eyes: Blue Skin: White Height: 5'6"
Speed: Fast Accuracy: Good Hit Points: Avg.
Scottish. Thi (pronounced "tee") is stout, but gorgeous. A toss of hair tends to fall over her forehead. Straight-laced. Medal in unarmed combat.

Buddy Dacote: the guy that dies
Age: 29 Weight: 202 Height: 6’2”
Physical Description: Very fit and powerful, Buddy always wears a hat that says “BEOS” which stands for “Butt End of Space.” Caucasian with brown/Blond hair and green eyes.
Character Description: Popular and courageous, Buddy got sent to Tei Tenga Darkside for showing up a superior officer. His stay here is just temporary though – he was sent here as a security advisor. Buddy has a good sense of humor.
Inside Info: Dacote stands for “Dies at conclusion of this episode.”
OTHER NAMES: Roland Trague, Warren Apisa, Taradina Cassatt, Melanie “Butch” Bucelli, Janella Sabando
Similar to ROTT Character: Taradino Cassatt
Age: 29 Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue Skin: Tan Height: 6'1"
Speed: Med/Fast Accuracy: Good Hit Points: Avg
European Mix. Fit and powerful, Cassatt is the son of jet setters who found a direction in life in the armed forces. Looks like a serious-minded beach bum.

Novel Characters

In the novel adaptions of Doom there are various characters, but I havent got my hands on these books so I can't list them all, but if you could help me out please
E-Mail me. thanks.

Doom "Knee deep in the Dead" Main Characters

In the actual game plot it is said that the U.A.C was using Mars and it's 2 moons Phobos and Deimos to conduct various secret projects,including research on inter-dimensional space travel. And things just went wrong. But as in the novels "The Gates" were already there on Phobos and Deimos when mankind first arrived. Inert,unyielding,impossibly alien made constructs of unknown origin. And for the past 20 years the UAC was trying to get them to work, Then finally one day, they sprang to life, And that's when DOOM happened. Most of this information was supplied by And another thing ,In the novels,everytime you went though the gate to finish the episode? You come out the other side completly naked! No clothes,armor nor weapons. Reminds me kinda like the "Terminator" darnell woods
PFC stands for "Private First Class"

United States Marine Corps, Fox Company, 15th Light Drop Infantry Regiment

Flynn Taggart
Character: Main character aka, The DooM Guy
Rank: Corporal Flynn Taggart of the United States Marine Corps serial # 888-23-9912
Nickname: "Fly"

Arlene Edith Sanders
Character: Fly's best friend. Fly didn't link up with arlene until Episode 2 "Shores of hell" on Deimos Anomaly right in that small secret room where you find the red key card. After fly activated the switches to open the secret room,he creeped in to investigate, Arlene was hiding inside and at the same time,both whipped their pistols at each others face,screaming and cussing at each other to drop their weapon. They almost killed each other thinking whether or not they've turned into a former human. It was a intensely funny moment.
Rank: PFC
Other: Was on the main force sent up to Phobos to investigate

Character: Possibly the mutant sergeant, but in the 1st book, he used a bolt-action sniper rifle before fly re-killed him.
Rank: Gunnery Sergeant

Character: The guy fly punched out for ordering the platoon to fire on civilians/and responsible for the platoon being sent to Mars/Phobos,Deimos to investigate the distress call.
Rank: Lieutenant

Character: Out front on recon when the platoon went inside the UAC,and the first man to discover the deadly signs of what happened at the UAC.
Rank: PFC

William Gates
Character: The 1st former marine "Fly" incounters.
Rank: Corporal

Rank: PFC

Wilhelm Dodd
Character: Arlene's boyfriend and lover. When taking a few hours break,Arlene made Fly promise her if they happen to run into the mutant W.Dod, If she didn't have the heart to take him out,for fly to do it. Fly reluctently accepted by just nodding. And Alas, In the begining area of "Slough of Despair" He showed up,firing a shotgun at them,Arlene was shocked dumb, And froze in despair, Fly rose up to fire his shotgun,He really didn't want to do it,but she made him promise. Then out of nowhere,arlene quickly raised her SG and blew Dod's head off before fly pulled his trigger. She broke-down and sobbed for a while,Of course this happen after they found Bill Ritch,So he also bare whitness to the sad moment. After a while pasted,she sucked it all up,then carried on strong. (note: The pic shown has the first corps I found in "Slough of Despair")
Rank: PFC

Tij Dardier
Character: She carried the shotgun that fly got from her corps in the same spot where you get the shotgun in the 1st level. (Note: The closest marine corps in e1m1 is on the zig-zag path, there is also a more intact one at the start of the zig-zag path near the lamp)
Rank: PFC
Nickname: "Dude"

Character: The youngest marine in the platoon, his remains is discovered in the 1st level of Deimos in "The Shores of Hell". His body was found just past the red illuminated,inverted-cross cutout wall, It's written that his body and a UAC technican were locked in mortal embrace. (Note: I couldn't find a body in e2m1)
Rank: PFC

Rank: Corporal

Midori Yoshida
Character: Her remains were found with LT/Weems at the beginning level at "Inferno" in the pit before you press the button. (note: there is no corps in the pit in e3m1) Quoting a few of fly's words "We fell into a room. Room? Some sort of internal organ.....the walls,floor,and ceiling were pink,pulsating flesh, ribbed and liberally coated with slippery mucus. I had disturbing sense of what organ it was.....a place we've all been before. "This place stinks!," arlene said, shortly they found LT Weems/Yoshida. "To exit the room we had to squeeze through a narrow opening that looked exactly like...........well,I didn't like to even think about it." enjoy
Rank: PFC

Character: There were 2 PFC/Rons and were instructed to guard "Fly" while the rest of the platoon went in the UAC. Grayson called the LT about the 1st shredded corps he founded, shortly afterward the shit hit the fan and the mutants/demons attacked the platoon while fly and the 2 Rons listen on the radio. Fly had to attack and beat down both the Rons and take a pistol from them so he can go in and start the hair raising horror show,which also explain how and why he started the game with the pistol.
Rank: PFC

Bill Ritch

Character: A last surviver of the UAC colonist,a computer programmer kidnapped from Deimos by the demons,Fly and Arlene rescued him on the 1st level of inferno in the area right past the falling bridge,the demons hung his body on the ceiling to die. (note: there is a hanging leg from the ceiling past the falling bridge in e3m1) But later on,Bill meet his demise on level "Dis" while helping fly/arlene battle the"SpiderMind", an imp fireball killed him.

DooM II "Hell on Earth" Main Carters

After Fly/Arlene defeated the spidermind, they had to back track through all the deimos levels until they reached the surface. Getting there, they discovered that the pressure dome was damaged. The air was rushing out, but It's a pretty big space station,It would take days for all the air to leave. Looking past the crack they saw that deimos was now orbiting Earth. Earth was being bombarded with what appeared to be nukes,but that was never confirmed. But here's the crazy part,they put together a "life boat" out of a rocket-mailtube and constructed a engine out of spare parts. They crashed landed in "Salt Lake City" UTAH, Where they found a outpost full of Mormons survivors.

Albert Gallatin
Character: A Mormon marine sniper, He accompanied Fly and Arlene on their adventure on hell on earth. Arlene and Albert got tight and fell for each other during the story.
Rank: PFC

Jill Lovelace
Character: A 14 year old computer hacker, she was important to the mission fly/arlene/albert was sent on.

The President of the Twelve
Character: The leader of the mormon outpost,he sent fly/alene/albert/jill on a mission to go to Los Angeles,infiltrate the demon stronghold, download full specs of their basic technology and then get it back to the United States War Technology Center hidden west in Hawaii. During the mission, they encountered most of the doom2 monsters.
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