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In Doom you won't get far without a few items to boost your health or show you where to go. Items Rock!

Picture Name Description
Stimpack Gives you a 10% health boost, unless you have 100% or more health. Stim is short for stimulation.
Medikit 25% health boost unless you have 100% or more health.
Security Armor If you have less than 100% armor you will get 100% armor.
Combat Armor Gives you the maximum 200% armor.
Radiation Suit Protects you from slime, lava etc on the ground. When picked up your screen will have a green tint. The suit lasts about 60 seconds it will start flashing from green tint to normal about 3 seconds before it runs out.
Berserk Pack
(Berserk Box)
When you pick up this box your punch damage gets better 5x for the rest of the time you are in the level you got it. Your screen will have a dark red tint for about 7 seconds then it will go a light red tint for about 14 more seconds then go back to normal.
Gives you some ammo for each weapon in "I'm too young to die" skill level it gives 20 bullets, 8 shells, 2 rockets and 40 cells, in all other skill levels it gives 10 bullets, 4 shells, 1 rocket and 20 cells. The first Backpack you pick up doubles the amount of ammo you can carry
Computer Map Shows the entire map (press 'tab') with places you have not been in grey.
Light Amplification Visors Takes away all dark areas that you see, everything is the same level brightness. Lasts about 120 seconds, starts flashing with same level brightness and normal about 3 seconds before it runs out.
Health Potion Gives you 1% health if you have less than 200%
Spiritual Armor Gives you 1% armor if you have less than 200%
Soul Sphere Adds 100% to your health up to the maximum 200%
Mega Sphere Adds 100% to your health up to the maximum 200% and gives you the maximum 200% armor.
Blur Artifact Makes you invisible (nearly) much like the spectres. Your gun changes from normal to small moving black dots. Doesn't make much difference. lasts about 60 seconds your gun will start to flash from invisible (nearly) to normal about 3 seconds after it runs out
Invulnerability Artifact Makes you invulnerable to everything apart from telefrags. Lasts about 30 seconds and makes your screen a black and white negative image. About 3 seconds before it runs out it will flash black and white negative and normal.
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