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I know you want to leave this page as soon as posible, so here is a list of links to some Doom pages around the web. There are some FAQ links that arn't in the FAQs section because they fit better in the Deathmatch or what ever, because they are FAQs about Deathmatching. If you are looking for specific information look in the category that is closest to what you need, if that doesn't work try the FAQs or Misc sections. Please excuse if it seems the links are in the wrong sections, if you think there should be any changes, you want to add a site to the list or to report a broken link please email me.

Major News Sites, Creation and Distributor, Interviews, Game Reviews, Wad Reviews, Wad Projects, Source Hacked Projects, Misc, Deathmatch, Editing Doom, Demo Making, Funny Doom, FAQs, Other Linking pages, News Groups

Major News Sites
Probably the best Doom news page on the internet. As it says on the page 'the definitive source for Doom news, information, and development'
Doomnation down
Very good site, has a pic of the day, news on Doom and much more.
Doom Shack (Doom News)
Fantastic page for Doom News
New Doom
A site about with news and information on everything Doom, Doom2 and Doom3.
Doom Center
A site about old Doom and new Doom, has good news, lots of screen shots and Doom artwork.

Creation and Distributor
id software
The people who made Doom's official site. Has links to all upgrade patches and help for troubleshooting.
GT Games
Distributors of Doom and many other id games.
Bobby Prince Music
Home page of the guy who wrote all the music in Doom
TeamTNT Home Page
The makers of Final Doom and the Boom engine.
Activision GBA Doom site
Activision's GBA Doom site.

John Carmack
Firing Squad interview with John Carmack February 09, 2000 .
John Carmack
GameSpy interview with John Carmack April, 2001.
John Carmack
Slashdot interview with John Carmack October 15, 1999.
John Carmack
Voodoo Extreem interview with John Carmack June 18th, 1999.
John Carmack
A chat with John Carmack November, 15 1998.
John Carmack
IMG News interview with John Carmack April 26, 2001.
John Carmack
Blue's News interview with John Carmack January 8, 1997.
John Carmack
The Toque kinda-interview with John Carmack January 8, 2001.
John Carmack
Computer Games Online interview with John Carmack June 30, 1999.
John Carmack
Tom's Hardware interview with John Carmack, mostly about hardware, May 17, 1999.
John Carmack
TechTV interview with John Carmack August 10, 2000.

Game Reviews
Firing Squad GBA Doom review
An in depth review of Doom for the GBA.

Wad Reviews
Sir Robin's Doom Castle.
A very good site that reviews Doom wads and mods.
A site with all the wad reviews that Martin, Malcolm and Ola have written.
The Doomscope
A site about Doom 1&2 and their external wads for solo play.
The All-Time Best Doom Levels
A collection of the best Doom levels, closed to new levels now.
Doom ][ Wads
Reviews of hundreds of Single player and Deathmatch wads.
Doom Wad Station
Doom wads and Doom2 wads for Deathmatch and single player. Doom Utilities, Doom3 news and updates, doom level editors, doom and doom2 animations, Doom95, zdoom and more! Remember to BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!!!

Wad Projects
REoL TOUGH had provided the DooM community with quality levels and mini-episodes for over 5 years.
Doom2 by |m|
A nice fellow who makes mod for Doom2 for his web page.
Shanes wad files.
A whole bunch of wads made by Shane.
9th Chamber
A whole bunch of wads made by GeminI
Doom Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z TC
Sector 666 home page!
A site about a wad called Sector 666
Marine Doom Homepage.
A Tactical Co-Op mod for Doom.
The Mordeth TC Site
The official site of the Mordeth Total Conversion Project
The Star Wars Doom site
Star Wars Doom mod that hasn't been finished yet.
IDgame page of Iikka Keränen
Some Good wads by Keränen.
Styx's Level Center
Your online Doom and Quake level shop.
Hell Revealed ||
The sequel to the original Hell Revealed mega wad, this is another.
Abode of the Superfly
Has some wads and some info about the Doom movie.
DoomGuru's Lair
Some wads and utils.
DOOM : The After Effect
Has wads, deathmatch tips and a large story with interesting content.
The Doom2 Special Effects Shoppe
A 32 level mod for Doom2 using the Boom engine and its special Effects.
Sgt Crispy's World
Some wads made by Sgt Crispy.
Berry Creek Deathmatch
Deathmatch maps made by people at Berry Creek.
The Brotherhood of Vengeance Doom2 page
A team site with projects and lots of resources.

Source Hacked Projects
Doom Legacy
A very good Doom mod, giving the engine a more up to date feel.
Official DOSDoom Homepage
A port of Linux Doom to Dos.
The Official WinDoom/GLDoom
A port of Doom for Windows with GL support. GLDoom
A Windows Doom port that has Open GL support.
Doom port to Windows NT
Amiga Doom
A Doom port to the Amiga.

Peter Giesemann's Doom site
Good site with information about levels, music and has a selection of demos to play.
Final Doom mini site
Not very informative, just a pretty site advertising Final Doom.
The Official 2600 Doom Page
The Classic 3D Shooter is now Available for the Classic Gaming System: The Real Story Behind The Hoax
Master Levels for Doom 2
Fantastic site for information about the Master Levels Add-on
Planetquake's review of the Doom comic
A review about the comic book that came with the id anthology package.
SailorScout's Gaming Center
A site about Doom Team Fortress and Anime.
DOOMGuy's DOOM Web Page
Good site with some stuff about Doom books and the story.
Lord Doug's page of Doom Stuff!
Has some useful information about Doom and of course downloads.
Doom World
Hey theres two Doomworld sites, this one has news and downloads and lots of good information.
XZiler8R and Thaven's Doom II
A site for beginners for Doom2
The Realm of Chaos
This is a relatively new site by two Doomers, Rob Berkowitz (aka DocBob) and Steve Duff whos stuff that is pretty unique.
The M J Doom Page
Doom items. Themes, utilities, and levels.
Mr. Doom's Web Page
Lots of Doom stuff, Levels, list of modem players, and message boads etc.
Tom's Doom Page
He has a ton of links to Doom, and other sites.
What's happened to id
A story about Tom Hall and John Romero leaving id.
Nostromo's Place
Has information about Hacx, Strain and Nostromo's Run Project.
Stuff by Adel
Stuff by on of the makers of GothicDM2.
Moe's Cool Doom Page
Has tons of info on the projects that Moe's done.
Lair of the Hypostimus
A cool Doom site that has lots of info on the game Doom, also has some Quake stuff.
He has some interviews with famous people in the Doom community. He also has lots of other great resources on his site. But I couldn't find them.
Andy's Doom Page.
All the reviews, screenshots, demos, and links you could ask for.
Has a small section on Doom.
Dave chess's Doom Stuff
Stuff that Dave made.
Gokuma's pit of Hell
Has stuff about TF and other doom ports.
Janizdreg 's DooM Page
Levels, links, screenshots and tools.
Kokak's Doom Page
Home of WDMP and tons of other cool things!
John's Web Page: Doom for Silicon Graphics
Small page about SGI Doom.
The Original Mac Doom Page
Good site about different ports of Doom to the Mac.
We want IDSPISPOPD in Doom 3
A campaign to put the code IDSPISPOPD in Doom 3
Seth Cohn's S.P.I.S.P.O.P.D.
A site about the Smashing Pumpkins into Small Pieces of Putrid Debris madness, includes Seth Cohn's SPISPOPD FAQ.
Razer-CPL coverage - John Carmack workshop - (13/42)
A review of a talk given by John Carmack. Not much to do with Doom though.
Reaper Miniatures
Some shots of the Minature models of all the characters from Doom.
Damnation HQ
Has doom info and cool Doom Flash animations.

Gamers Extreme Doom Bible
Deathmatch '95 champion, Thresh, guides you through the world of Doom Deathmatch.
Mantis Doom Page
Deathmatch guide, is also home.
Play Doom over the internet.
Doom2 Deathmatch Competition Ladder
A ladder to keep score in Doom2 deathmatch.
The TCP/IP Internet DOOM FAQ
A faq about internet dooming.
Spinals Deathmatch Page
Lots of wads, links and demos for DeathMatching.
Dr Deathmatch's Doom2 Page
A nice deathmatch page with stuff that might actually interest you.
A page dedicated to doom2 deathmatch levels
Has many different things, and doom is the main one :p

Editing Doom
Doom Editing Pages
Has information on editing things in Doom, with good descriptions on lots of Editors.
The WADster's Guide
A very good editing information site.
The WinTex home page
A fantastic editor to change just about everything in a Doom wad.
The Reject Map builder (RMB)
A good Reject Map builder.
Doom Level Design with DUE 5
Information on editing with DUE 5
Doom Where the Adventure Begins
Site for DMapEdit, a DOS based map editor for Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Strife, Hexen, and ZDoom.
WinTex and DueTex tools
Wad composition tools for Doom, Doom2 and Heretic.
The Doom Editing Getting Started Guide.
This document will give you an overall idea of what's involved in DOOM editing and the creation of new WADs.
Frequently Asked Questions about DOOM Level Design.
Gives good information about the structers of a Doom level and how to create one.

Demo Making
The Doom Level Lords
Has lmps for doom, doom2 and final doom. You can also join their team if you like. Lmps R Us
Demos for other wads such as Eternal Doom and Requiem.

Funny Doom
The Commandments of DOOM
A set of humorous rules to follow while deathmatching of co-oping.
Doom Excuses
Some excuses you can use if you were caught playing Doom.
Doom Insanity FAQ
Some jokes about Doom, storys, top 10 lists and dreams.
DOOMed Airline
A story about two people playing Doom in an aeroplane.
Free Hissy Campaign
John Carmack

The Official Doom FAQ
Great FAQ that covers just about every area.
HTML-ized Rec.Games.Computer.Doom FAQ
One of the best Doom FAQs on the internet imo.
DOOM cheat keys/command line params #3
Information about Doom cheats.
A nice FAQ for the SNES Doom, good information lots of detail
Cheat codes for Console and Computer-Based Doom games.
Very good FAQ for cheats.
Doom Help Service (DHS)
Good collection of information.
Short FAQ about Doom on the Linux platform.
The MacDoom FAQ
Good FAQ about Doom on the Mac.
Good FAQ about Doom on the Silicon Graphics Computers.
Comparison Of Console And Computer-Based Doom Games
Very good information about the console version of Doom.
GameFAQs: Doom 64
A collection of FAQs about Doom 64.
GameFAQs: Doom
A collection of FAQs about Doom.
GameFAQs: Doom 2
A collection of FAQs about Doom 2.
GameFAQs: Final Doom
Another collection of FAQs this time about Final Doom.
A FAQ about the ghost monster bug in Doom 2.
A FAQ about the BFG9000, very good if you don't know how it works.

Other Linking pages
Doom Updates Page
Attempts to list all sites that have updated within a certain day.
DOOM: FTP and WWW Sites
A large list of Doom web and ftp sites
Voting for the Best 100 Doom
Attempts to list the best 100 Doom web sites on the web.
Yahoo! Recreation:Games:Computer Games:Titles:Action:Doom
Yahoo's listings of Doom sites.

News Groups
Helping people new to a really popular PC game.
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