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Alpha and Beta

Here is some information about the Alpha and Beta version of Doom I have, if anyone has any other versions please E-mail me. If you want to download any of these go to the Shareware section.

Feb 4, 1993 Doom alpha 2

This is the earliest version of Doom I have played. It is just one level where you have a shotgun, that looks almost the same as the regular shotgun but the end of the barrel is slightly larger. You can shoot with the ctrl button, it doesn't use any ammo and doesn't effect the monsters. The HUD shows in inside of the marines helmet with map, communicator, health armor and ammo status etc. There are three different monsters in the level (Imp, Demon, and Baron of Hell) that don't move, the Imp has a lighter completion.
Map by Kevin

Some keys (from Kevin) are :
3 - Cycle backward through wall textures
4 - Cycle forward through wall textures
5 - Cycle backward through ceiling textures
6 - Cycle forward through ceiling textures
7 - Cycle backward through ceiling textures
8 - Cycle forward through ceiling textures
9 - Decrease brightness
0 - Increase brightness

One of the wall textures says "Jules Sucks" Jules refers to Adrian Jules Carmack, id artist. At the time of the alpha coming out him and Tom Hall were apparently not getting on well. from Chris Ratcliff

One of the flats says "Tom Is King" (Most likely referring to Tom Hall)

Apr 2, 1993 Doom alpha 4
The title screen is a sinning picture with the Doom logo and "alpha" underneath it, if you leave it going some more spinning pictures will come up where things like the credits, high scores and the story were going to be. From the menu you can choose a level from 1 to 9. In level 1 you start off in a room with three other marines that look like they where playing a card game. Level 2 is an early version of e2m2, and most of the other levels resemble levels in the final version. You have two weapons the rifle and the bayonet which looks like the rifle with a bayonet on the end. There are a few items like a box of bullets and artifacts.

Some keys (from Kevin) are :
Q - High Res
W - Med Res
E - Low Res
R - Wierd video mode
Z - Floors and Ceiling
X - Floor Only
C - No Floor or cieling
M - View from floor (I assume M is for mouse perspective)
P - starts a profile written to profile.dat. The second time you press it, Doom crashes and states that the profile was written.
ALT - Use / Strafe
CTRL - Fire Weapon
Right Shift - Run
1 - Select Bayonet
2 - Select Rifle

May 22, 1993 Doom alpha 5
Has the same spinning logo screen, after it there is a demo that looks out of synque. The menu looks the same as the regular Doom menu, but not all the options work yet. The status bar shows your ammo, weapon and health status now. You start off with 14 rifle bullets, the rifle looks different to the one in alpha 4 but slightly resembles it. The health is represented by a red line, you can pick up medikits that look like the ones in Wolfenstein 3D. There are Imps scattered over the levels that don't move, you can shoot them once and they will disappear. The slime doesn't flow like in regular doom it just changes brightness over different parts of the texture. The bullet clip looks a bit thicker than in regular Doom.

Some keys (from Kevin) are :
Q - High Res
W - Med Res
E - Low Res
R - Wierd video mode
Z - Floors and Ceiling
X - Floor Only
C - No Floor or cieling
M - View from floor (I assume M is for mouse perspective)
A - Auto Map
ALT - Use / Strafe
CTRL - Fire Weapon
Right Shift - Run
[ - Decrease screen size
] - Increase screen size

Oct 4, 1993 Doom Press-Release beta
You cant run this program unless you have set your clock to October 31, 1993 to play this version, or you could get a program called fakedate (1.69k). This version has 3 levels you can select from the menu. The monsters in this actually work, the imp shoots a faster fireball that looks like a spark from the plasma gun only coloured red. The lifts move by themselves like in Quake. The box of shells looks more plain. There are items you can pick up for score, at the end of the level you get given extra score for finishing it. The monsters are harder to shoot, it doesn't have as much auto-aim. The levels look much like the final ones.

Some cheats (from Kevin) are :
NC - no Clipping (On/Off)
TST - GOD Mode (On/Off)
AMO - Ammo, Weapons, Keys
This page was made by teapot E-mail me for any information about this page.
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