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Books and Comics

Cracked #304/Dec.'95 (magazine)
DOOMED III: High School
pg. 40, 41, 42
From index page.
Page 40
Page 41
Page 42


Congo (film)
10 min into the film
Berkeley, California
Map E1M1
No one is at the PC yet you see it select Ultra-Violence and then the game starts (E1M1), yet it was suppose to be a demo (Doom movies)

by monfriez

Grosse Pointe Blank (film)
21 and 42 min into the film
Map Map30 Map07 Map01 and possibly one other
Each time we see the game it usually switches to a different level, we first see Map30, of the ones other listed. Every so often we see the god cheat and the give all cheat on, which I think would be unlikely for an Arcade game.
21min in
42min in 1
42min in 2
42min in 3
42min in 4
42min in 5
42min in 6
by monfriez

The movie 'Virtuosity' has a scene in it wherein the arch-villian(which is a
Psychotic andriod) takes over a popular TV show that is always live. He
calls it Death-TV. The background music for this scene is an orchestrated
version of the level music from E2M6 of Ultimate DooM.
As far as I know the movie was released after DooM, but I'm not completely
by Ken Paynter

The other movie is one of those useless Disney originals, called P.U.N.K.S.
Anyway one if the kids fathers' works at a computer lab and they visit him
at work. I don't think they show the monitor at all but the sound-effects
are unmistakeable.
by Ken Paynter

Here's one from another movie. I think the title is "breakdown" (it is), but i know
that it stars Kurt Russel and the plot has to do with him and his wife
getting stranded on the road, the wife going to get help (don't ask), and her
not coming back. Towards the end of the movie he finally makes it into the
house where his wife is being held and hears these "gunshots" he goes to
where he heard the noise come from and we see that theres a TV or monitor
running "DooM". the shot wasnt that long to make out what version it was,
but i know that the weapon being used was a plasma rifle and the gunshots
coming from it were NOT the sounds that go with it.
by WolfHawkfield

In Monty Python's Meaning Of Life, there is a scene with many Doom sounds: The doors are Doom doors, and when the religious figures attack you, your character makes the Doom grunting sound.
by Criswell The Psychic Weatherman

In the Truman show, when he drives over the bridge and fires egnite on the road it plays a sound like the one in Doom 2 Level30 when the Boss shoots those spawn boxes out of his head.

In the film 'Dead Man' where Nobody is having a very romantic moment before William Blake sees, it sounds like shot gun guys dying.

TV shows

In the tv show 'Captain Planet' when they camels they have the same sounds as the imp.
In the tv show 'the X-Files' in an episode about VR there are sounds from the Bosses spawning cubes in Doom2 .
In a promo for 'Austar' pay tv it has a sample from a door opening in Doom.
I found more imp sound in the Wild Thornberries, it was used for a rhinocerous.
by Pedifer

I'm not sure if it's been mentioned to you before, but there's an old episode of "E.R." that contains a whole lot of DOOM. Actually, I believe it's that famous episode where George Clooney's character saves that kid from a drainage pipe during a severe thunderstorm(don't know for sure). Anyways, in the episode, the staff at the front desk had just upgraded all the computers on their network and one of the employees brings in a copy of DOOM. A couple characters in the show get hooked on the game and play for hours-- there's one scene where you see virtually half the cast huddled around the screen. I don't have any stills from the show, but I'm sure NBC will make a big deal of showing the episode again when they experience a ratings slump(like they did earlier this year).
Brendan B. "Manik"

There was an episode of FRIENDS on WGN where Chandellor buys a new laptop computer. All he can think about is playings games. Ross asks him to type a list of likes/dislikes about Rachel. When Chandellor gets done typing, he asks, "You guys wanna play Doom"?
by Shaun Elias


In the song 'Where boys fear to tread' by the Smashing Pumpkins there is a sample of an explosion from Doom.


The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble (computer program)
by Sierra On-Line, Inc.
where in game: Virtual Trip Tower

by monfriez

In id's Quake 3 Arena, there are 3 characters taken from Doom. Click for larger image. Text taken from Quake 3 manual.
Doom (Human): Long after everyone else on Phobos was dead, he kept fighting, determined to send out a warning to Earth before the demons could claim him. Crash (Human): Once, she was Doom's military instructor. Now the Arena Eternal tests Crash's mettle to the extreme-extreme patience, that is. She is the trainer who introduces new warriors to the skills of battle. Phobos (Human): An experienced veteran, he led the invasion of the demon-haunted tunnels of Phobos. There, he was betrayed by superiors who thought they could learn more from watching him die than by studying his reports.

in Duke Nukem 3D the chapel in E1L3, "use" the ugly picture at the base of the altar, then break the left colored glass. Go through the opened passage to find the Space Marine from Doom
taken from

thanks again Monfriez
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