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Rage DM 1.1


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Oct./Nov.: Wildpack 2
September: Boo
August: Hazard
July: FlashDM1
Welcome to the Exclusives Page, your best source for new happenings and reviews of the latest deathmatch maps currently released to the Doom Community.

Missed our past deathmatch maps of the month? Check out our MotM archive!

Rage DM 1.1
Rage DM is here! Come inside and find out more about this awesome deathmatch series.

Reviews (In alphabetical order)

  • Ambush Arena: By Brad Spencer
  • CybDM02: By Cyb
  • Deathmatch Incarnate 2: By Steve "fUnKyMoNk" Noonan
  • DGDM4 - Twisting Death: By David "Dagger" Gevert
  • DM4-ish: By Aardappel
  • DoomServ Deathmatch 1: By Carnevil
  • Fbase: By Tanar
  • HAR: By Steve "Stphrz" Robinson
  • King of the Hill: By Rick "Wildman" Clark
  • Liquid DM: By Cyb
  • NARR: By HavoC
  • Pennywise: By Ebola
  • Pit: By Mike "Biff" Blakely
  • Q2DM1: The Edge: By Mike Tawney
  • Sacrifice DM1: Blood in the River: By Afterglow
  • Sacrifice DM2: Bringer of Death: By Afterglow
  • Sacrifice DM3: Shedding Skin: By Afterglow
  • Sacrifice DM4: Transmission: By Afterglow
  • Sacrifice DM5: Four Sticks: By Afterglow
  • Saydm1: By Shadow
  • Some DM 1: By Cyb
  • Vicious Circles (part 1): By Schronzki & Echo
  • Vicious Circles (part 2): By Schronzki & Echo
  • Previews (By Date)
  • Rage DM 1.1 Preview: September 27, 1999
  • Interviews (By Date)
  • Darkfang-SmashDM Interview: August 31, 1999
  • Carnevil-Skulltag Interview: January 13, 2000
  • Map of the Month for October/November, 1999: Wildpack 2
    The immortal Rick Clark proves to us that not even total computer failure can stop him. Our exclusive map of the month for both October and November is his final gift to the Doom community, and what a sweet one it is! Wildpack 2 is made up of three deathmatch levels done in the famous Surge style, which means no-frills, nonstop fragging action. Of course, the levels carry along Rick Clark's trademark innovations, with awesome visuals and methodical layouts. You'll definitely want to grab this one folks; pay homage to one of the true greats of Doom map design, and frag away into the wee hours of the morning.  

    Note: You must have ZDoom to play Wildpack 2! Not sure what ZDoom is? Visit our source ports section and read to your heart's content.

    Download from Doomworld: (747 kb) 

    Doomworld slow today? Get it from here instead: (747 kb)  

    Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3

    What do you think of this map? Post your thoughts on our forum!

    Have any comments on this section? Send them to Razorback  

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